Meet Eric Hemati, an agent with a $10 Million business

A few days ago I told you I was working on the bullet points for this interview, but I honestly can’t pick out just a few highlights.

The interview is only 10 minutes long and it’s all gold

Watch it on ..

your lunch break,

your poop break or

carve out some time to watch it

… but make sure you don’t sleep on this!

Here’s the link to the full interview (it’s in our Rich & Rebellious Agents Group)

Eric’s using the following products and services from us:

  • Giveaway Funnel
  • Recruitment System
  • Agent CRM
  • Social Magnet
  • Rich and Rebellious Accelerator
  • …and he’s got (literally) every single one of our info products

To a Great Day,
Alex Branning

P.S. – if you’d like us to setup the systems and software we setup for Eric (exactly how we set them up), grab a time slot on our calendar and say “Give me the Eric special” 🙂 Here’s the link –

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