Tips on Calling Internet Leads

I can teach you all kinds of closing techniques and objection handling tips…

…But if you approach the customer and you don’t respect how they got onto the phone with you then you’ll fail to turn that lead into a sale.

When you get a lead from the Internet, your success is determined by your initial approach to them and how you position yourself in the relationship.

Let me explain…

When you get a lead from a Giveaway Funnel for one dollar, you need to approach them as an advocate and someone who is there to serve them.

When you buy a lead for $20 or more, you need to approach them as an advocate and someone who is there to serve them.

You sell them the very best insurance product for them as a way to serve them at the highest level possible.

As my sales coach Eric told me, “selling = service”

They need to know that you were there to serve them first before they will make a buying decision.

In order to help serve you at the highest level, I have a free training video series for you called Telesales 101. In this video course, Colby walks through how to start the call with an internet lead, how to build trust, how to schedule a follow up appointment and more!

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My goal is to gain your trust and deliver value in advance. As such, it is absolutely free.

If you have any questions about generating leads online, please grab a time slot on my calendar

Enjoy the free course, and let me know how I can serve you!


Alex Branning


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