The power of video and how you can use it (free PDF)

I am continually amazed by the power of video and how it continues to help me grow my business.

HERE is a PDF outline of the “Video Domino” strategy for you to use.

My goal is to gain your trust and deliver value in advance. As such, this PDF guide is absolutely free for you to use! If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.

No matter what you sell, who you are trying to reach, or where you are located…

…the Video Domino strategy will work to attract highly qualified leads to you that are prepared and excited to buy!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You start with a long video that explains one of the BIG benefits that you bring to the table.
  2. At the end of the video, you make an offer for the viewer to take action!
  3. We implement analytics and create a custom audience around viewers who watch a large portion of the video.
  4. Set up a retargeting ad campaign that only goes to prospects that have watched at least half of your video & follow them around Facebook until they take action.

Here’s why it works

Video has been proven to work as a delivery method to connect to your audience. There’s nothing like being able to look someone (you) “in the eye” and listen to them speak.

You no longer need to pay thousands of dollars to a TV station to play a 30 second TV commercial to a random assortment of TV viewers that you hope will be interested in your product. Now, you can now tell Facebook exactly who you want to watch your video, and you no longer have a limit on the length of time.

Someone that is genuinely interested in your service will take 2-3 minutes to watch you explain one of the big benefits of your service, and listen to you make an offer. On average you’ll only have to pay pennies per view of that 2-3 minute video!

Inside of the Facebook Ads Manager, you can now create a custom audience of Facebook and Instagram users that have watched a portion of your video (for this example, let’s say they watched it halfway through) and then create an ad campaign that only reaches that segment of users. It’s commonly known as a “retargeting” campaign, and you’d only be retargeting people from your ideal demographic who have shown an interest in your product or service.

You can use a short video advertisement and encourage the target prospect that is watching this video to take the next step on your offer; whether that is scheduling a call with you or visiting your online store.

As a general rule of thumb, humans feel safer around people they recognize. You can use that Law of Familiarity to your advantage by following your target prospects that have expressed interest in your product or service with a short video.

The more they see your face, and hear your voice, the more likely they are to trust you to take the next step!

The Video Domino strategy works by leveraging multiple proven sales & psychology techniques.

We use the long video so that you have enough time to explain a big benefit of working with you, and make your viewer an offer.

Then, we take advantage of the law of familiarity and the new technology enhancements to establish a “celebrity status” with your target prospects using retargeting.

This strategy will bring you leads that want what you’re selling, at a fraction of the cost of other mediums.

If you’re interested in having me help with your Video Domino, you can learn more about the strategy here:

If you’d like to see examples of completed Video Domino campaigns, check out this landing page:

When you make a video, you’re investing your time in an asset

The videos will live in your Facebook account and can be turned “on” and “off” as you need new, high intent leads to follow up with.

You are building your brand as you fill your pipeline with leads.

Follow the attached PDF guide to take action.

If you need help with a step-by-step course, grab our Video Domino training course in the Branning Library.

If you’d like me and my team to do it all for you, let’s schedule a time to get started:

To Your Celebrity Status,
Alex Branning

PS –  if you’re asking “Alex, how do you help?” well, when you hire us…

  1. A professional copywriter on our team has written video scripts for your insurance product, you’ll get instant access to our draft right away.
  2. ​You will shoot a video on your cell phone using the script we’ve written for you. You will send us the raw videos using Dropbox, Google Drive, or other file-sharing service.
  3. ​Our team will edit your videos to cut out any pauses, hesitations, or other mistakes and apply post-production magic to your videos.
  4. ​We will send you our finished, produced videos for your approval. You’re going to be amazed at how these videos look, and the eye-catching effects we include on them to catch the eye of your target customers as they scroll through Facebook and Instagram!
  5. ​When the videos are given the green light, we will upload them as a new video ad into your Facebook Ads account.
  6. You don’t have to do any of the technical work, we handle ALL of it!

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