Giveaway Funnel or High-Intent Facebook Ads? Which is better for insurance agents?

When you’re evaluating where to spend your advertising dollars, you should ask yourself two questions:

Which campaign is going to get me the best Return On Investment?

Right? We just care about what campaign will take my dollar and turn it into three dollars, what can triple my money?

As the creator of the Giveaway Funnel, I get a lot of really good questions as entrepreneurs look to evaluate what campaign they’re going to run.

Here’s a quick example of why the Giveaway Funnel will perform much better, every time:

When someone sees your ad on the Facebook feed, you have ONE CHANCE to get them to take action.

I’m going to make the assumption that your campaign targeting is the same for both examples, a high-intent direct ad campaign and your Giveaway Funnel.

If your ad is talking about your product (say, life insurance) the only person that’s clicking on that ad is someone who is actively shopping for life insurance. 95% of the people that ad is shown to will ignore that ad. Your per-lead cost will be around $15 (I’m using a round number, we’ve seen lower but we’ve also seen higher per-lead costs on Facebook ad campaigns).

If your ad is an opportunity to win a $100 Outback gift card, your per-lead cost is $1.00. You’ll get 15x more leads with the same ad spend.

Now that the lead is in your database, you can:

  1. Educate them via email
  2. Call them
  3. Text them
  4. Invite them to future Giveaway Funnel campaigns to re-engage them
  5. Ask them if they know someone who might be a fit for your product
  6. Invite them to learn more about joining your team
  7. Ask them if they know someone who might be interested in joining your team

You can “squeeze a lot of juice” from the leads you get in a Giveaway Funnel.

Over time, the Giveaway Funnel will return a much higher ROI than your direct Facebook Ad campaigns.

You will have to put more work in to close the leads.

It will be worth it

You can always hire a remote appointment setter to call the leads for you and set appointments to sell your product, talk more about your career opportunities and ask for referrals. Delegation is going to be a good play here as you use the Giveaway Funnel.

You can learn more about the Giveaway Funnel here:

You can learn more about Direct Facebook Ads here:

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