$0 Marketing Strategies

I was brainstorming with my team on zero-cost marketing strategies, and we came up with five.

Pick one or two and execute on these!


No matter how big your social following or email list is, this will really move the needle for you. Audience barters have been one of my most effective growth hacks to grow. This could look like trading emails to your list, “Instagram Takeovers”, etc.


I talk extensively about this in my “Power 20” training course on finding power partners, but here’s the short version:

  1. Find someone that serves your clients
  2. Make sure they don’t compete with you
  3. Send them a referral first, to show you’re legit
  4. Ask them to start sending you referrals

This doesn’t cost you anything, but it could be the fastest route to growth you’ve ever experienced. I use it and have seen tremendous growth!


Simply sharing your daily wins and losses on a platform like Facebook or even Instagram can build momentum and brand affinity like crazy. Think of it like a live behind-the-scenes documentary. People love supporting entrepreneurs they watched go from rags-to-riches!


Say you’re selling a subscription box service for new moms with all sorts of goodies for infants from food to toys, clothes, and more. Get a mom to join one of those “New Mom” Facebook groups with 100k+ women in it and simply comment, “Looking for feedback, has anyone heard of this company XYZ? I see they have 50% off your first box but I’m skeptical. Any insight would be appreciated!” Boom, you just attached 100k potential buyers with honey…


You don’t have to use paid ads to promote your Giveaway Funnel. You can send them to your list and use email marketing to get your prospects and customer base to keep coming back, over and over again. It only costs you the value of the prize!

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