To become a celebrity to your audience, follow these steps

There was a single line in the previous blog post about the video Domino that got a lot of attention:

I ended the email by saying, “To your celebrity status” and that raised a lot of questions LOL

Some of the questions I got were,

“what do you mean by celebrity status“

“why do I want to be a celebrity“

“wait, how does this make me famous?“

I want to take a moment to expound on how to become a quasi-celebrity using social media in this email.

First, let’s define what a celebrity actually is… Webster defines it as “a state of being celebrated“, or “a famous person“. You become a celebrity simply by being known to your audience and having a perceived, elevated status in their eyes.

You become known by being seen.

You can manufacture being seen by using regular advertising to an audience – in essence you can create a celebrity status within your target market.

The technical term for this method of advertising is known as “retargeting“

I have set up retargeting audiences on Facebook, Snapchat, and Google. I have a set budget up for each platform so that I continue to pop up on all platforms for my audience, so they cannot go ANYWHERE on the Internet without seeing my face.

That single strategy has helped me earn quite a name for myself in the small market of insurance marketing.

You can do the exact same thing for your market!

I have created a free training course for you called “Retargeting Mastery“ you can grab it HERE!

I am excited to see how you take action on these strategies and I will be looking for your name in the list of people who have grabbed my free course.

To your growing celebrity status,
Alex Branning

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PPS – If you skipped all the way to the bottom, here’s the link to get the free course: CLICK HERE

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