Insurance Agents: Offer Ideas Beyond “Free Quote”

Nick Berry put together a great list of other offers that you can make to your audience.

The “Free Quote” offer works well, but it’s good to mix it up a little bit.

Here’s five ideas on what else to offer your audience:

Commercial Risk Assessment: Offer a free check-up to see what insurance someone needs and recommend the best coverage for them. Don’t try to go apples to apples, look for gaps, or opportunities specific to their risk – then document it. 

Personalized Coverage Recommendations: Give people insurance coverage options that are personalized just for them. Spend the extra time to make sure you’re showing them all their options.

Claims Support: Offer help with the process of making a claim, like guiding people through the steps and making sure they get made whole again. Don’t just send them a link to a bunch of carrier phone numbers. 

Educational Content: Give people educational materials, like well-written blog posts or videos, that help them understand insurance and make informed choices. This is the primary reason I tell agents they should be publishing content as much as possible. 

No Obligation Policy Review: Check someone’s insurance policy to make sure they have the coverage they need. Then provide a policy review before ever asking to quote their insurance. 

Let me know how you use these ideas!

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