Selling annuities & IULs online does not have to be hard

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Lately my direct messages have been getting flooded with agents that are asking for help selling annuities and other investment vehicles (like IULs)

I wanted to send a quick email with some tips on how to make it a lot easier for you to generate these affluent client leads online and then get them on the phone.

HERE IS A PDF cheat sheet that, when used correctly, will help you get into profitable conversations every day to set up a buying decision for affluent clients on which annuity or investment products they want to buy from you. But don’t look at it yet, let me explain how to use it by telling a story…

I posted a blog a little over a month ago talking about my best tips to sell insurance over the phone. In that blog I said:

“Your success [with the lead] is determined by your initial approach to [the lead] and how you position yourself in the relationship“

You can reread the blog post HERE and grab the free video training series I sent the dive deep into selling insurance over the phone.

Let’s come back to selling annuities, and how to do that effectively using online marketing.

Most agents fail at marketing these higher end products before they launch their first ad…

…because they fail to fully map out the customer journey and identify where their prospects are in relation to their prospects’ knowledge of the various options.

I posted another blog about a week ago explaining the Giveaway Funnel, and in that email I identified the three different buckets that all online leads fall into: (1) cold, (2) warm and (3) hot. The cold lead knows nothing about you or the products you offer, and the hot lead is actively looking to make a buying decision.

The agent that only focuses on the hot lead he’s going to have a very hard time selling annuities because most consumers simply do not know what an annuity is so they are not actively researching their options on the best rates, carriers, etc.

I was recently talking to a client of mine, Bruce, who sold over 30 annuities in 90 days using the Giveaway Funnel. I asked him what he attributed his success to.

He said, “I educate first, then I provided option A and option B…both options resulted in a sale for me!”

Bruce was targeting clients that fit his ideal demographics, but he was not concerned whether they knew anything about annuities or not!

In his Giveaway Funnel survey (yes he sold 30+ annuities using a simple Giveaway Funnel) he asked questions that helped him identify where they were in the customer journey so that he knew how to start the conversation.

Here is where the PDF I gave you fits into the puzzle!

Most agents do not know what questions to ask to get there prospect to tell them where they are at (or how the agent can serve them)

I wrote out a list of the 19 best questions to ask your prospect so that you know how open they are to having a conversation with you. You should use these questions in your Giveaway Funnel, Facebook lead generation ads, emails sent to clients, and even on your social media posts!

This PDF is worth thousands. I’m giving it to you for free.

My goal is to build a relationship with you by providing a massive amount of value on a regular basis, as such this resource is absolutely free. Enjoy!

If you would like help setting up your Giveaway Funnel using the questions in this PDF, you can either go to or set up a call with me at

I’m working on a resource for you to help you review your own landing pages, I’ll send that to you in about a week!

I look forward to hearing your success stories,
Alex Branning

PS – I have an unrealistically optimistic view that when I have an opportunity to work with action-takers like yourself. I am  100% successful in helping you grow your business. I would love to share some marketing strategies with you, would you please schedule a time to talk with me and then fill out the survey immediately following the date/time selection? Here is the link:

PPS – If you are looking for high intent leads and do not want to use the Giveaway Funnel strategy, I also have an Annuity Ad Kit and we can use the Video Domino to generate online leads that are a little “hotter” than a Giveaway Funnel lead.

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