Comprehensive Guide on Generating Consistent Referrals (and a free course with video instruction)

This is a long blog post because I spent quite a bit of time putting it together but it is worth the read!

Honestly you might want to print this out and take notes in the margins for what actions you will be implementing; there is a lot of actionable content.

I have done a lot of work with setting up referral systems.

I have bought books, enrolled in courses and even hired a coach specifically to help me generate referrals.

The way that I see it, having a great referral system is like having people act as tour guides…. guiding my best clients right into my door for me.

“Alex, this is Name. NAME needs help with ___ and I said they need to speak to you and that you can solve the problem.”

When I am positioned like that by somebody who has already done work with me, it is hard for me not to set myself up for success with that referral.

Just to give you an idea of how well my referral systems are working, I sat down and wrote out how many new clients I got in the past 30 days from referrals alone.

I counted… 127!!

I got 127 new clients, and they were sent to me with a warm introduction by somebody who already knew me and trusted me to take care of them. Every single one of them came to me with the expectation that I would be able to solve their problem with a service or product that I have.


A great referral system starts with being able to clearly articulate how you help your clients. I have heard this called an “elevator speech“ in some circles.

To help you craft the best elevator speech, I actually hired my referral coach (Rick Silva) to train my VIP clients. You get this training for free but only from this email: use code “REFER” and go to this page. The code will take the cost of the course to $0.00

By the way I would love to have you in my VIP program as well, you can learn more about that at

Back to referrals… I have set up three distinct systems to generate consistent referrals.

I am sharing this with you because it is a part of my core values, I am helping my insurance agent work SMARTER and FASTER to build the business of their dreams. To learn more about my core values and what my vision is for your business, you can go to

ALLIES: these referral partners serve the same clients I do but do not offer competing products. We are perfectly aligned to serve our clients at the highest level by teaming up to help them build their business. Examples include printing services, software companies, etc. Each of these companies that I work with conserve my clients but I am not worried that they will “steal” my clients away from me.

Action Item: check out my Power 20 training on how to find these allies and create an impenetrable wall that your competitors will never be able to tear down:

AMBASSADORS: this is like a raving fan, somebody who absolutely loves what I do and wants to tell the world about me. In this case I make sure that I empower them with some easy links and/or helpful materials so that they can spread the word about me. Even though they don’t expect it in some cases, I will ALWAYS reward them for spreading my name around with cash and gifts

Action Item: make a list of clients that love you and ask them to post a review about you online.

AFFILIATES: an affiliate is somebody who shares needs to their network with the clear expectation that they will be paid if somebody clicks on the link and ends up buying a product or service for me. I have found this to be the best system for my business to generate consistent referrals, because I have some clients that are so used to getting paid that they will continue to come up with new ways to share my products or services so that the checks don’t stop coming LOL! I love it!

Action Item: learn more about my affiliate program at (I pay out every Monday)

I have free resources to help all of my agent CRM users build all three types of these referral programs.

Please reply to this email with the name of your Agent CRM account and I will have my team load in all of the marketing campaigns, funnels and email sequences that you can use to start generating referrals.

These marketing resources are completely free for you, it is my way of providing massive value to you to help you grow your business.  If you do not already have an Agent CRM account you can sign up for one here:

My last note for you is this: before you start trying to “shake the piggy bank“ of your network and get referrals from them, I recommend depositing referrals and their accounts. When you start the reciprocal referral relationship by introducing one of your clients to a potential referral partner, the odds of you getting referrals from that other person or company have just skyrocketed!

Have a great day, and please let me know how I can help build your business. Me and my team are here to serve! You can grab a free marketing strategy session phone call at

Have fun referring,
Alex Branning

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