29 Jun 2018

Fire Up Fridays: Opportunity Cost

FIRE UP FRIDAY! We all have goals that we want to reach, but there's something in our way that is stopping us. It could be our daily habits; and if it's our daily habits that are keeping us from reaching our potential then we need to focus on improving those habits. If your daily habits are not where they need…

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22 Jun 2018

Fire Up Fridays: Selling = Service

If you believe that the product that you are selling will benefit the life of the person who buys it, would it be a stretch for me to tell you that your hesitancy in picking up the phone is actually selfish? You probably think I'm crazy, but let me continue… Most first time sales people get into sales because they…

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15 Jun 2018

Fire Up Fridays: Persistence: 6 Steps To Grow Your Grit

Talent, genius, and education mean very little when persistence is lacking.  Here are some of the things that persistent people have in common that keeps them going long after most people have given up: 1. An All-Consuming Vision Persistent people have a goal or vision in mind that motivates and drives them. They are often dreamers and visionaries who see…

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13 Jun 2018

Winning is Contagious.

Winning. Is. Contagion. We strive for victory because we don't like the struggle. We persevere because we are not comfortable with the status quo. We keep going because we know what's ahead is better than what we have now.   When you win, you release the burden of yesterday's battle.   When you win, it gets easier to win the…

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04 Apr 2018


What is it about our first love (or a new love) that makes it so EXCITING and FUN? Why do you entrepreneurs keep dropping the ball on things that are working to go chase a shiny new strategy? It all comes down to FOCUS. When we start falling in love our focus is on our new love interest. We chase…

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25 Feb 2018

How to download FB live video to Youtube & embed in Clickfunnels

Hey guys, this is Ryan at the Branning Group. I'm here to show you how to download a Facebook Live video, upload that video to YouTube, and then embed it inside of ClickFunnels. All right so first thing you need to do is go to your Facebook page, or wherever you have the live video. Click on this timestamp and…

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24 Feb 2018

How to record using zoom upload to Youtube and embed in Clickfunnels

Hey guys this is Ryan at the Branning Group. I'm here to show you how to record a webinar using Zoom, upload that webinar to YouTube, and then embed that webinar into your Click Funnels account. Open up Zoom Click “Start Without Video” Click “Join Audio Conference by Computer” Share screen with your webinar Hover over “more” in the black…

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