What is it about our first love (or a new love) that makes it so EXCITING and FUN?

Why do you entrepreneurs keep dropping the ball on things that are working to go chase a shiny new strategy?

It all comes down to FOCUS. When we start falling in love our focus is on our new love interest. We chase new business ideas because we are not focused on what’s working.

Master your focus and you can do anything – seriously. You can write an 80 page book a day. You can produce multiple videos, learn a new skill or just finish your “to do‘s“… If you could remain focused

Here’s the thing… We (Humans) need to put blinders on. We need to be like race horses and have blinders on so we only look forward and go straight ahead. That mindset will keep our marriages secure and give us the direction we need to accomplish big things in our business.

Our habits need to be tweaked a little for us to achieve big things. It’s crazy how a small change – a single ripple in our daily habits – can have a massive impact on what we get done in the span of a single day.

Here’s some really, really good news:My coach Eric Lofholm has a multi-module time management course that will help with your focus, setting new daily habits and finding the “leaks“ in your day. Oh, and it’s FREE…but it is not available forever.


Good luck, and enjoy the free course! You could be just one small tweak away from achieving your greatness, because it’s already inside of you… you just need to change your HABITS so that you can change your LIFE!

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