Morning Routine of a 7-Figure Entrepreneur

My morning routine:

πŸ† I start my day at 6am with coffee and Bible reading.

πŸ† At 6:45am I head to our apartment gym for a quick work out

πŸ† I take a quick shower and prepare to go to WeWork

πŸ† While I pack my bags, I speak out declarations and pray

πŸ† I always dress “nice”, so that I’m confident in what I’m wearing

πŸ† I kiss my ladies good bye and head out around 8am

When I get to WeWork….

πŸ† I start my day by reviewing what’s on my to-do list

πŸ† I write out my to-do list in my journal, re-prioritizing my list

πŸ† Weird quirk: I always have a cup of ice water and hot coffee

πŸ† My first “creative” task is writing out a social media post πŸ˜‰

Some other productivity hacks that work for me:

πŸ† I take breaks every hour to stand and stretch

πŸ† I’m intermittent fasting, my “keto-energy” hits at 10amπŸ’ͺ

πŸ† My phone is on Do Not Disturb when I’m working

πŸ† When I have a task I don’t want to do, I start a timer and “race” myself to finish… then I get it done and don’t think about why it sucks

I’ve tried quite a few different routines, and this is what works for me right now.

Today Is a great day, let’s go get it!

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