8 unusual habits that will set you apart from 96% of people:

While most people want the ‘overnight’ success and wonder why they never see it, those playing the long game have set themselves up using these habits.

Habits may not always be sexy or exciting, but they move the needle.

  1. Read Daily. I start my day with the Bible, and I also like to read something motivational or inspiring from a leader I trust. Reading is like taking your brain to the gym. Read and note down one helpful idea for the day.
  2. Walk Daily. The health benefits of walking are numerous. Walk outside to clear your mind and step away for a bit.
  3. Daily brainstorm ideas list. The more you use your creative muscle, the more creative you become. Brainstorm all the ideas you can think of on one challenge, question or topic I like to ask myself one hard question. I write it down and ponder it all day.
  4. Clean up your space. Tidying up is seen as a chore for most. But what if you viewed it as a stress release and even a creative act? If your environment is cluttered, your mind gets cluttered.
  5. Dress up. Dress in a way that makes you proud to be seen. How you dress influences how you feel about yourself, and it has a big impact on your confidence.
  6. Talk to people every day. Messaging people without expecting anything in return is the kind of habit that can compound into massive opportunities for you. It’s not the outcome that’s important in the short-term, but simply sticking with the practice of connecting.
  7. Online learning. Reading is great, but investing time and money into online courses is an alternative learning method that can be easily absorbed. I set a monthly budget for new courses to buy, and next year I’ll be investing into courses for my team, too! When we invest significant money in something, we’re more likely to take the learning more seriously and apply it.
  8. Identify one thing to do to make life simpler. In a world where everyone is rushing to add more stuff, cutting down and simplifying sets you apart.

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