Create Your Ideal Day

As an entrepreneur and a father, I am passionate about creating the kind of life that I want and not falling into the trap of letting others dictate my time

After complaining about the lack of time that I had with my family the week before, I was given an exercise by my business coach that would end up changing my life! I wanted to share that exercise with you, and hope to inspire you to shift your time and priorities in the same way that I have shifted mine.

My business coach told me – “you are stuck because you’re not allowing yourself to create the life you want to lead. You are staying stuck with the life that you have and you are refusing to change.”

He had me fill out a spreadsheet with the columns of 5 AM to 10 PM, and on top of the header column would be each single day. First he had me map out how I was spending my time right now by filling in the blank’s for an entire week so that I could see how my time is being spent.

At the end of that week, he had me write out how I wanted my life to look.

The two spreadsheets were dramatically different. The one spreadsheet showed a life that was run by deadlines and quotas, a lot of urgency and stress with very little free time.

The second spreadsheet that showed my ideal day had scheduled time for devotionals, physical activity like a gym, and my business day was spent investing in others.

What my coach told me to do next is where I started to shift my mindset… He said we are going to start working on this one step at a time.

The first thing that I did was shut everything off at 5 PM but I could be 100% present with my family. We then started the painful process of making changes in my business so that I was no longer running around with chaos and impending deadlines, but instead I was picking and choosing the projects that would fit inside the business that I wanted to create.

You build your life around how you want to live. The kicker is, most of us have not written out how we want our lives to be so we have no goal. We are frustrated but we don’t know exactly what we want our lives to look like, so we do not know what we want to change! There is no way that we can achieve a stress free, happy life if we don’t know the steps that we want to take to get there.

Your business should be formed around your life, your life should not be formed around your business. Too many entrepreneurs, myself included, would schedule time for myself and my family around my business. Why did I do that? Why do you do that? We have the power to shape our day based on the kind of life that we want to lead!

You have the power to change your life!

Simplifying and shedding excess is the key to freedom – and it gives you a chance to rebuild your life the right way.

We are often trapped in a prison of our own design. Debt, monthly payments, and other bills keep us trap in a spin cycle where we are constantly chasing our tails.

When you simplify, and shed unnecessary expenses you are on your way to building a life that you love.

Set a goal for your ideal day and start working towards it – one small step at a time! My first step was cutting off my business right at 5 PM, no exceptions! What is your first small step?

If you are like me, you needed a business coach to help you map out your next step so that you could start to live your ideal life. I want to be there for you! Please fill out the form below if you are interested in setting up a free call so that I can help you. I am here for you, I am passionate about you living the kind of life that you want to lead, that I can help you get started!


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