Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – June 05, 2023

June 05, 2023

Hi there,
It’s that time again…

No, not summer (even though it is),
Not vacation season (even though it’s that too).

It’s baseball season!

I love the food, the ambiance of the crowd, and the way sports brings people together (even in competitive, rivalry-type ways). 

Today we’re going to talk about another way sports can bring people together… for your business!

So after you take your 7th inning stretch (or maybe 11 am stretch?), grab a hot dog and settle in for today’s marketing idea!

Summer is a great time for people to get together and to be outside, which means people, including your audience, are on the lookout for opportunities to do those exact things:
Get together and be outside!

What better way to do that than to go to a baseball game?
Since your audience will be looking for those opportunities, here’s today’s marketing idea:
Give away tickets to a baseball game near you! 

Giveaway Funnels are a great way to engage people on your list, and this specific giveaway will generate a bunch of new leads for you!

Some things to remember as you create this giveaway:
1. Make sure it’s clear where the game is and who is playing. You don’t want someone from out of the area entering – and winning! – only to be disappointed that they can’t make it to the game.
2. Choose a game that will happen weeks after the giveaway ends. This will give the winner enough time to plan for the event.
3. Use ScheduleBot to follow up! You will now have a ton of new leads from this giveaway. Once it’s over, tag them in Agent CRM as a lead for ScheduleBot to follow up with. ScheduleBot will do the rest 😉
I can’t wait to hear about the leads you get from this fun giveaway! And don’t forget to enjoy a game sometime this season too!

Do you know where you were a year ago today?

Thanks to social media, we no longer have to dig through old journals or photo albums to figure out the answer to this (although that’s a lot of fun to do too!) Instead we merely have to see what Facebook memories we have from a year ago, 5 years ago, or more!

Was there anything special you were doing on this day?
Today’s content prompt is simple. On social media, in an email, or in a blog post, you can post:
On this day, I was ______________________________________.

Then, of course, share what you were doing on this day in the past!
I always find it fascinating to learn what types of “anniversaries’ people have. 
Maybe it was 5 years ago today that someone went camping…

Or it was 2 years ago today that they started a job that changed the trajectory of their life! Whatever it is, make sure to share your story or a picture and ask your audience to do the same!
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Have a great week and have fun getting your giveaway together!
Alex Branning
Branning Group
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