Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – May 15, 2023

May 15, 2023

Hi there,
Do you know what part of business I find to be the most annoying?

I’m sure you have a lot of guesses, but for me…

It’s not the bookkeeping and paperwork…
It’s not the project planning…
It’s not finding the right people for my team…

It’s not the meetings either… but you’re getting there.

I can’t think of a bigger time-waster than the back-and-forth that it takes to schedule a meeting.

You know what I’m talking about…

You email “Bob” to schedule a time to meet.
He suggests a few times and none of those work for you so you suggest some other times.
He says maybe one of those could work… but maybe it can be pushed back an hour.

And back and forth you go to settle on a time… only for Bob to be a no-show or cancel last minute.

Instead of spending so much time and effort trying to schedule meetings, couldn’t you be spending your time better, ya know, actually in meetings?

Today’s marketing idea is going to finally take this issue and get rid of it once and for all. 

Let’s go!

My team at the Branning Group just launched a new tool called ScheduleBot

Going back to my example of “Bob” above, let’s now compare how I can have an entirely new experience with “John.”

After setting up ScheduleBot, a text message is sent to “John,” letting him know that I am reaching out to discuss life insurance and asking if he’s available to talk next week. 

John responds with an affirmative answer and proposes a day.

ScheduleBot will review my calendar for that specific day and then propose two open time slots on the selected calendar. 

John will confirm that one of the proposed times will work with him – and if neither do, ScheduleBot will propose two other times.

ScheduleBot will add John to my calendar for the confirmed date and time and then add him to the automated workflow to confirm his appointment. 

It will also send reminders as the appointment gets closer!

And… that’s it!

The only thing I had to do was add John as a contact, make sure my calendar was up-to-date, and then tell ScheduleBot to start doing its thing!

Because I know we all have “dead leads” hanging out in our CRMs. here’s what my marketing idea is:

Try out using ScheduleBot on your dead leads.

If you have Agent CRM, then ScheduleBot is included in your Agent CRM account.

If you don’t, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial of Agent CRM and try ScheduleBot!

Here’s why this works so well with contacts, but especially with your dead leads.

1.) It reengages them – Those who haven’t been in contact in a while get to hear from you again.

2.) It puts you in front of their face – It’s easy to ignore an email; not so much a text message.

3.) It engages like a real person – Instead of sending your leads a scheduling link and expecting them to find a time in your schedule that works for them (which they most likely won’t do), ScheduleBot does all that annoying back-and-forth for you and keeps the lead engaged in the process.

I love being able to use the power of AI for good.

In less than 15 minutes you can have it up and running so go fill up your schedule!


After 22 years of being in business, a lot of my “new” ideas have come from a place of wanting to do better… or save time… or be more efficient.
Just like ScheduleBot, which came from a need to save time with the back-and-forth, there are plenty of other ways I have learned to improve my processes.
Some of the ways I have improved have been simply that – improvements on a system that works well, but could be better.
Other ways I have had to improve have been to change processes that simply did not work.

Have you had to make improvements like that too?

Today you can post on social media, a blog post, and/or in an email this prompt:

Something I am/was doing wrong is _______________________ and here’s what I am doing/did to fix it.

I like this because it reminds us that we’re all human and make mistakes and that we’re never so experienced that we don’t have room to grow.
I also like it because if your audience engages and answers the question, you’ll learn about some of their own pain points too!
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Were you sooo excited about ScheduleBot that you had to check it out right away and then come back to the newsletter to finish reading it?
I get that! You’re going to love it!
Alex Branning
Branning Group
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