Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – May 08, 2023

May 08, 2023 

Hi there,

Have you ever taken an inventory of what tools you use to get through your day?

Let me give you a glimpse into mine…

First I wake up from my alarm which came from my clock app.
…As I eat breakfast, I catch up on the latest news with my news app.
…Then I get a snapshot of what my day is going to look like with my calendar app and my planner app.
…I then get across town using my map app.
…Throughout the day, I communicate with my family, friends, team members, and colleagues using my phone app, various email apps, and my Slack and Trello apps.
… I sometimes end the day by relaxing with a book using my kindle app.

Do you see something here?

Without even trying, our lives have become reliant on apps to get us through our days, from getting out of bed, to eating meals, to taking care of business.

Our marketing idea is based on this concept.

Because we rely on apps for so many things, especially for connection, it’s wise for business owners to consider how apps could be the next thing to invest in in order to move their business forward.

Let’s get to it!

I remember when iPhones were a new thing and we were so excited about all the new ways we could connect with each other and businesses.

There was a phrase that floated around the moment someone thought of something they wanted to achieve or a way they wanted to connect with others…

There’s an app for that.

While that may not be the catchphrase of the generation anymore, there is something inherent in us now that immediately looks for an app the moment we purchase something new or are looking for a new way to be productive.

We have an app for every pizza and coffee place in the area, a ton of different apps to connect depending on the preferences of each of our friends and colleagues, and we even have apps to remind us when to replace our air filters. 

When customers purchase from you, is there an app for that, too?

Today’s marketing idea is to create your own personalized mobile app so you can stay connected with customers, show off your brand, and build customer loyalty. 

A mobile app can also allow customers to explore all that your business has to offer from booking reservations or appointments to checking out promotions. 

You can also provide helpful customer service features – like push notifications – so customers know about new services or special offers.

It’s a great, simple way for your customers to feel that much more connected to you. 

If you’re not sure where to start to create an app, you can check out, where you can create an app from scratch and have it up and running in less than 30 days! I’ve used it myself and I can attest to how easy it is… and how proud I am of what I was able to create with it too.

Learn more about how you can start today at…

… and then don’t forget to email me back once it’s up and running! I’d love to check out your brand new app!

Last week’s prompt was to share some of the worst advice that you’ve ever received.

This week let’s bring it out a little further…

What are your pet peeves?

Does it bother you when people in the store walk slower than you think they should or when your friend is chronically late or when people stare at the phones all the time?

How about toilet paper rolls? Do you think it should go over or under?

Whatever your pet peeves are, now matter how irked they get you, isn’t it interesting how sharing our pet peeves ends up being a funny conversation?

That’s why today I want you to share with your audience…

My biggest pet peeve is ____________________________ … What’s yours?

Share a funny picture or meme to go along with it. Make this a fun, light-hearted conversation where people feel the freedom to rag on their pet peeves but still appreciate those with different opinions… 

Even those who think the toilet paper roll goes under 😜
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