Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – May 22, 2023

May 22, 2023    

Hi there,
Before we get started, I want to tell you about an exciting event that’s happening next week…

And it’s free!

It’s a webinar I am hosting with my friend, Eric Lofholm, called:
Prospecting Mastery

In this free webinar, you’ll learn:
-How to use gamification to increase your prospecting
-How to overcome prospecting reluctance
-3 prospecting best practices
-And more!

Eric is a best selling author, master sales trainer, and influential speaker who has worked with world renowned sales experts – so you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from him!

This webinar will happen only once on Tuesday, May 30th…

Save your free seat here!

Getting into our marketing idea now… 
I have an idea that’s, well, short.
You could also describe this idea as a reel, short story…

Catching my drift yet?

If not, that’s okay. I’ll catch you up 😉 

Let’s dive in!

It doesn’t matter what social media you’re looking at, you can’t get away from those 10-30 second videos that are all over the place.
You can call them a reel, a story, a short, or a TikTok… they all use the same idea.

That idea is this:

Show or explain something to your audience in a short amount of time to grow engagement, familiarity, and trust.

The trouble is, people don’t always know what it is they should be doing in these videos.
Sure, some people use them to dance, tell jokes, or  share a new recipe, but what if those don’t work for your audience? What if, as a real estate agent, for example, your audience wants to learn more about you, about what they should and shouldn’t be looking for in a house, or about the current market?
Dancing around a “For Sale” sign probably won’t do the trick (although that’s not something to shy away from either!)

To keep it super simple, here’s how you can come up with ideas for your short videos:
Make your video for one specific person.
To go with the example of a real estate agent, that means you can start a video by saying, “If you’re a homeowner with a pool…” then share with them one pain point they might have. 
Not everyone who follows you will have a pool, but for those who do (or who want one), you better believe they’re going to perk up and listen to what you have to say.
You can then close the video with a call to action to call or text you. 
Upload the video to your social media
profiles and then spend $5/day broadcasting that video.
And that’s it!
All it took was 5 minutes to follow all the steps and now you have a simple engaging and consumable video for your audience!  
Then you get to sit back and see how it performs to generate appointments for you 😀
You don’t stop here though. Continue to create new videos that speak to one specific person and a different person every time.
For the real estate agent, you may make videos that start off this way:
-If you’re a homeowner with a pool…
-If you’re a homeowner with a bathroom that needs remodeling…
-If you’re a homeowner with pets…
-If you’re trying to buy a home in the city…
-If you’re trying to buy a home in the country…
-If you’re trying to sell a home with past foundational issues…

See how easy that is? There are 6 video ideas right there!

And if you are having a hard time coming up with ideas, or identifying pain points of your audience, today’s content prompt will also help you out!

To piggyback on our marketing idea, here are a couple prompts you can post on social media, in a blog post, or even send in an email:

One thing I have always wanted to know about [Your field or niche – “Buying/selling a home” for example ]
Something I struggle with as a [Your audience – “Homeowner” for example]

Not only will you learn more about your audience and what they are struggling with, but this will give you a ton more ideas for more short videos, social media posts, information blog posts and emails, and more!

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