Using Video to Multiply Your Time

This graphic shows the amount of views my YouTube videos got last month, and the number of minutes my audience spent watching my videos.

My audience spent a total of 55 HOURS watching the content I created. I spent approximately ten hours total creating the videos (including the planning, post-production, etc). That means I multiplied my time by a factor of 5.5 – and this is just showing you the stats from YouTube, this is not including the consumption on the social media platforms where I also post my videos!

Does that make sense? Do you see how videos help multiply your time and make it easier for you to reach your audience?

If you don’t know how to get started, I highly recommend that you grab my Video Marketing Course. I have it on sale for $33.00. In the course I teach you how to get started, the six most important things to remember when shooting a video, how to create a YouTube channel and I give you twelve great ideas for your video content.

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