Video Marketing

19 Jun 2018


Webinars: One of the most powerful tools for your business. 💥I want you to think of a webinar like this: A video sales presentation that can used over and over to leverage your time. A webinar can also be used for potential clients to weed themselves out if they won't be a good fit for you and all you had…

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26 Feb 2018

Are webinars right for my business? YES!

📺 Running a webinar is not just for the gurus…you can run a webinar as well! 👍 One of the best ways to share what the benefits are of your product or service is to shoot a short video helping your ideal client solve a specific problem. 💪 If you run a gym, share a webinar about the methods that you use to…

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14 Sep 2017

My Home Office Video Studio

Someone asked me what it takes to make my home office videos look and sound so sharp. Here is a photo of my set up in my home office: 1. I open the windows to allow natural light in 2. My microphone does a great job of getting my voice and cancelling out the white noise 3. I have…

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17 Jun 2017

Using Video to Multiply Your Time

This graphic shows the amount of views my YouTube videos got last month, and the number of minutes my audience spent watching my videos. My audience spent a total of 55 HOURS watching the content I created. I spent approximately ten hours total creating the videos (including the planning, post-production, etc). That means I multiplied my time by a factor…

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08 Dec 2016

Tips for Maximizing Your Church’s Influence and Reach in the Community

One of the best ways to increase the scope of your church’s ministry as well as its voice in your community is to have a stellar marketing plan! All of your church’s social media marketing messages must be harmonious. Whether it is on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, your church’s website, your church’s app, or anywhere else, it all needs to be…

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