Are webinars right for my business? YES!

? Running a webinar is not just for the gurus…you can run a webinar as well! ?

One of the best ways to share what the benefits are of your product or service is to shoot a short video helping your ideal client solve a specific problem.

? If you run a gym, share a webinar about the methods that you use to stay consistent with your work outs. At the end of the webinar, make an offer for them to join your gym.

☂️ If you are an insurance agent, share a webinar about some of the tips for making sure that your coverage is enough for your needs. At the end of the webinar, make an offer for a free consultation so that you put yourself in a position to earn their business.

? If you are a real estate agent, share a webinar teaching how to stage an open home (or even a regular webinar with the latest market updates). At the end of the webinar, make an offer to set up a free appointment so that you can help the prospect either set up an open house for their home or plan out a roadmap for them to buy the next time.

These are just a few examples of how you can use the webinar to specifically target your ideal client, share with them why you are the best, and then make them an offer so that they can continue down the road of hiring you.

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