video marketing

14 Sep 2017

My Home Office Video Studio

Someone asked me what it takes to make my home office videos look and sound so sharp. Here is a photo of my set up in my home office: 1. I open the windows to allow natural light in 2. My microphone does a great job of getting my voice and cancelling out the white noise 3. I have…

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22 Aug 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: 21 Social Media Stats You Need to be Aware Of

It’s 2017 and social media has come into its own an important stage for digital communication. With such a large impact on any product or emerging idea, this new frontier calls for a change in everything from sales and leads to branding strategies and marketing campaigns, and I’m hoping to show you a few ways to take advantage of it.…

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13 Jul 2017


Here is the cold hard truth: if people do not know who you are they will not hire you. It seems obvious, but it's surprising how little action most business owners take even though they are aware that if their audience does not know who they are they will not/cannot be hired. One of my goals is becoming an online…

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17 Jun 2017

Using Video to Multiply Your Time

This graphic shows the amount of views my YouTube videos got last month, and the number of minutes my audience spent watching my videos. My audience spent a total of 55 HOURS watching the content I created. I spent approximately ten hours total creating the videos (including the planning, post-production, etc). That means I multiplied my time by a factor…

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