19 Aug 2018

Instagram Marketing

📱Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. It is crucial that you stay on top of the latest trends when it comes to Instagram. Watch the video to learn 3 things you need to make sure you are doing with your Instagram. 📹If you think you need more help, check out my Power Engagement Marketing Course. It has 12…

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18 Aug 2018

Email Subject Lines

📝Subject Lines are the most important part of your email! It tells your recipient what you are about to share. Watch the video for 3 quick tips for your subject lines. 🛠Need more? Check out my List Building 101 course. It covers everything you need to know about email marketing. Check out the course here: https://branning.clickfunnels.com/buy-l… 📞If you just want…

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17 Aug 2018

Ad Campaign Not Working?

😤Is your ad campaign not working? Don't give up yet! Give it time! So many people think there ad campaign isn't working, but truth is that you probably haven't given your ad enough time to really start working. 📣Need help with Facebook ads? Let's set up a free call so that we can discuss how to make your next ad…

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16 Aug 2018

Affiliate Marketing Tips

❤️I love affiliate marketing!! Affiliate marketing is a great way to bring in some passive income. Here are a few tips I have on affiliate marketing: 1️⃣Combine your affiliate offer with something you have 2️⃣Put some urgency into the offer you are making ☎️For more, check out 15minutepaycheck.com or schedule a call with me at alexbranning.com/call

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15 Aug 2018

Automation in Business

👨🏻‍💻We live in a day and age where technology and do so many things for our business! Here at the Branning Group, we use automation to help us never miss out on a new lead. 👉Watch the video to here each step on how we use a powerful program called Zapier! 🤔Want to learn more? Let's talk! Go to alexbranning.com/call

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14 Aug 2018

Lead Magnets

👀Want to get people from looking at your material to actually talking to you? We use what is called a lead magnet to attract these clients! 🔥I have a list of 17 different ideas on how to grow your mailing list. Please comment below and I will send it to you for free! 📞If you need more, please schedule a…

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13 Aug 2018

Messenger Bots

💥Exciting new marketing feature: Use a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot as your "contact us" page! This can actually store their contact information and you can subscribe them to your chat bot! You can even send them message sequences. 🎉We use ManyChat at the Branning Group. If you would like to learn more about ManyChat, just comment below and I will…

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12 Aug 2018

The Power Of Digital Marketing

📱Do you have a digital presence? You are watching this video right now because of my digital presence. Make sure you are doing something to grow your digital presence! This allows you to expand your audience to literally the whole world. 🔥Need help making the "Digital You?" Let's talk! Go to alexbranning.com/call and we will bring you into the 21st…

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