Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – February 6, 2023

February 6, 2023

With Valentine’s day around the corner, I can’t help but eye all the goodies that you see around the store.

Speaking of goodies, before we get into today’s Marketing idea, I want to tell you about the Coaches Grand Giveaway where you can get over $10,000 worth of goodies… for free!
I’ve had the opportunity to team up with over 30 of the top names in the business-building industry to help create a virtual giveaway packed with valuable tools, templates, and courses for building a profitable and sustainable online business.
Not only will you receive:
Pam Obasa’s gift of Coaches Big Marketing Bundle, usually $497
Patty Dominguez’s gift of Discover how to Position yourself for maximum impact!, usually $147
Jackie Lapin’s gift of 20 Snappy Irresistible Speaking Presentation Title Ideas, usually $275
Tanya Lopez’s gift of 6 Figures Events Training, usually $297
And so many more!
But you will also receive MY Facebook Ads Fast Track for free!
This isn’t something you’ll want to miss out on so make sure to register to get your freebies today!
Want to learn how YOU can use freebies to grow your own business?
That’s where our Marketing Idea comes in!

Who loves freebies?
Oh man I sure do!

Next week we’re going to continue this discussion on how to create freebies that keep people coming your way, but today we’re going to use freebies another way.

You’re going to use a freebie giveaway to re-engage your list!

This week, run a quick Giveaway Funnel and offer to buy the flowers and dinner for one lucky winner! Send an email to your list with a quick link for entering the giveaway.

There are a few great things about this. 

First is that no matter how people celebrate Valentine’s Day, this is still a giveaway that appeals to everyone (especially if they choose to use their dinner on a less busy night!)

Secondly, this will re-engage your audience and give you an opportunity to get back on the phone with old leads.

Thirdly, giveaways can be shared with others. You can give extra entries to those who refer the giveaway to others. That means earning new, fresh leads through it too!

And what will it cost you?

A nice bouquet of flowers and dinner.

That’s it!

Between streaming services, online tools, or tea-of-the-month clubs (amongst many others!), subscriptions are almost unavoidable.
A recent study showed that, on average, people are spending over $200 a month on subscriptions!
While I would be curious to know how much our audiences spend on subscriptions, we can go with a less-personally intrusive, more-fun approach to this.
Today I want you to either post on social media or send in an email this question:
What is your favorite subscription that you pay for every month?
This is a fun – and dangerous! – question to ask!
It’s fun because you may find out about a service that you’ll want to sign up for.
It’s dangerous because… you may find out about yet another service you’ll want to sign up for. 😉
Don’t forget to answer the question yourself too.
If you have your own subscription service that you offer, this is your chance to make a shameless plug!

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By the way, do you need help setting up a Giveaway Funnel? Reply back and find out how my team runs successful giveaways!
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