The Button Game | Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – February 20, 2023

February 20, 2023

Hi there!
Want to play a game?

Not that kind of game, Humphrey!
You’re gonna love this one though.
Today’s game is called “The Button Game” which was creatively named after this nice button right here:

It’s a super simple game and it only takes two steps…
 1. Reply to this email with your guess of how many clicks The Button will get.
Click the button above  (or don’t!)
 2. If you guess exactly how many clicks The Button gets, you win! 
The current pool is $100.00. 
And if more than one person guesses it exactly right, everyone who guessed it correctly wins $100!
But if no one guesses it right, then the prize pool goes up next week. It will keep going up until someone guesses it exactly. 
Here are some rules about this game:

1. You don’t need to click to win. (That can make the guessing tricky, don’t you think?)
2. You DO have to send me your guess.
3. I have to receive it by Friday, February 24 at 5pm EST (you have five days to guess). I will track how many people click The Button this week. 
Here are some stats to help you guess: There are 4,306 people that are getting this email, and about 1,014 people open it every week. 
Are you ready to play the game?

Let’s do this!

And because I know someone may ask why I am doing “The Button Game”…

You’ll find out in just a minute because today’s Marketing Idea is going to teach you how to do “The Button Game” with your audience also!

So after you click that button (or not!) and reply back with your guess, settle in as we discuss how you’re going to use this tool yourself 🙂

So what do you think… 
Are you ready to have your audience play “The Button Game” with you too?
Setup is pretty simple so let’s first go over why this game works so well…
1. Email opens – If your audience is excited to find out if they won or if the pool has increased, they’ll be more likely to make sure to open your emails!
2. Email engagement – Opens, clicks, and replies are all great for engagement… just make sure you’re prepared to respond back to each reply!
Hint: If you’re having deliverability issues – your emails are ending up in spam or promotions folders – opens, clicks, and replies are the best way to combat that! Keep encouraging your audience to reply back to each email – with or without a game 😉
3. Email subscriptions – If you clicked the button, you noticed I invited my audience to tell their friends about the game and to subscribe to this newsletter if they haven’t already. This is a great and easy way to grow your list!
4. Email sponsorships – I have opened up the opportunity to let business owners sponsor each week’s winning pool. This gives them a special spot on our landing page to get more eyes on their business!
Now to setting up the game:
Create a landing page for all those who click on the button. This landing page should:
  – Explain the game
  – Count each visitor
  – Invite visitors to share “The Button Game” with others – a clickable link which will share it on Facebook
  – Invite visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, opt-in to receive a freebie, or something that allows you to collect their email address
  – Invite visitors to sponsor the game for one week

Create a button graphic to use in your email or newsletter which you will link to the landing page

Explain the game to your audience
Watch the clicks and replies come in and start rewarding prizes!
You’ll be amazed at how much engagement you get from this one simple game and you can keep it going as long as you’d like!
Need help with the tech side?
Reach out to my team so we can help you out!

Because I am so excited about “The Button Game” – and I love ALL games too – learning what games others enjoy is a topic that never gets old in my book!
So today on social media, on your blog, or in an email, you can ask your audience to fill in the blank:
My favorite game to play is ___________________.
I love this question because the assortment of answers never ends!
Not only will you receive answers about board games or card games, but you will also find out about your audience’s favorite video games, online games, party games, outdoor games, sports, and more!
Feel free to tweak the question too if you specifically want to know about a specific genre of games!
And of course… don’t forget to answer it also. You never know… you may meet your new euchre partner this way!

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Did you reply back yet with your guess for “The Button Game”? 

Let me know by Friday how many clicks you think I’ll get!
Alex Branning
Branning Group

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