Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – March 13, 2023

March 13, 2023

Hi there,
Today we’re talking all about nurturing, engagement, and myths!

But before you get too confused, I have an important question to ask…
Have you still not played the button game??
If not, today’s your chance, because yes! We’re playing for another week!
Playing this game only takes two steps…
 1. Reply to this email with your guess of how many clicks The Button will get.
 2. Click the button above  (or don’t!)

The Button

If you guess exactly how many clicks The Button gets, you win! 
We have played this game the last two weeks and no one won which means our pool is now $250!
And if more than one person guesses it exactly right, everyone who guessed it correctly wins $250!
But if no one guesses it right, then the prize pool goes up next week. It will keep going up until someone guesses it exactly. 
Here are some rules about this game:

1. You don’t need to click to win. (That can make the guessing tricky, don’t you think?)
2. You DO have to send me your guess.
3. I have to receive it by Friday, February 24 at 5pm EST (you have five days to guess). I will track how many people click The Button this week. 
After you tally your guess, keep reading for our marketing idea!

Does your audience know what you actually DO?

You may have acquired new leads in a multitude of ways…

They may have opted-in to receive a free lead magnet.
They may have signed up for a giveaway.
They may have been referred to you by a friend.
They may have been on a list of leads you purchased.
Because there are so many ways your audience may have come to you, there’s no saying they truly know who you are, what you do, and what it is you can do for them.
If that’s the case, how can they ever make an informed decision to accept your offer?
To battle the lack of knowledge your audience may have, our marketing idea is going to have a strong emphasis on the concept of nurturing.
And how, you may ask, do you nurture an audience?
Just like nurturing a child means to care for them and encourage growth physically, emotionally, and mentally…
…Or like nurturing a plant means to care for them and encourage growth to see fruit or flowering and growth for the season…
…Or like nurturing a friendship means to care for it and encourage growth in closeness and vulnerability with the other person…
Nurturing your audience means to care for them and encourage growth in their understanding of your business as well as growth into becoming your ideal client.
My marketing idea is for you to write a long email sequence that educates your prospects and clients about how you serve them. 
For example, my team and I just finished helping our Medicare agents add a long nurturing sequence.
What this means is that within this email sequence, Medicare Agents will be teaching their prospects and clients:
About the different plans they can choose from
How to save money on medical costs
Common questions and answers about travel insurance
And more!
Essentially, they will be teaching their audience about what they do as Medicare agents and how they can serve them as clients!
Think through topics your audience needs to know…
What do you offer?
What is your expertise?
What about your field of expertise might they not understand?
What information do they need to have in order to feel properly educated to make a decision to accept your offer?
Think through those questions as you prepare your email sequence. If you’d like to write an 8-email sequence (sending one a week or every other week), here’s how you can break down your emails:
Email 1: Tell them about yourself and what you do.
Email 2: Tell them about the problem you solve.
Email 3: Teach them about the field you work in.
Email 4: Make an offer. This can be your main offer or it can be a freebie so they get to know the quality of your work.
Email 5: Share the top 5 or 10 myths you’ve heard about your field of expertise (and then tell them what’s actually true!)
Email 6: Share testimonials.
Email 7: Answer FAQs.
Email 8: Make an offer. Make this your main offer. If they aren’t ready to accept your offer, that’s ok! There’s more nurturing to come. But every email you send gets them one step closer.
In EVERY email, even those without a sales offer, provide a way for them to talk with you – You can provide your link to schedule a call or ask a question in your email that you’d like them to answer when they click “reply.” 
No matter how you do it, just make sure they know you’re there for them, even if they haven’t bought anything from you yet 🙂

To help you get started with your email campaign, let’s have a short chat about myths.

What myths are there about your field of expertise?

Whether you’re an insurance agent, a baker, or a life coach (or something else entirely!), there are myths about what you do.

You probably already have a list of myths, but in case you need some help, go ask your audience what myths they believe!

Today you can post in social media or write in an email this prompt:
A myth I believe (or believed) about Your Field is ________________________.
Something that confuses (or confused) me about Your Field is ________________________.

This will be a great chance to interact, answer questions, and gather inspiration for your myth email!

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Let me know if you have any questions about writing your email campaign!
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