Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – February 13, 2023

February 13, 2023

Hi there!
Last week we talked about running a Giveaway Funnel…
How’d it go?
I’d love to hear all about it!
Today we’re going to continue our discussion of freebies, but first, I want to remind you of a freebie – A LOT of freebies, in fact – that you can have today!

Do you remember that moment when you first started your online business? The excitement and thrill of taking the leap and chasing your dreams?
I know I do. But I also remember the frustration and disappointment that came with it. I struggled to get my business off the ground, constantly making mistakes and feeling overwhelmed. 
But then, I took a chance and got help. I invested in my business and found the resources I needed to succeed. And you know what? It made all the difference. My business took off, and I finally felt like I was on the right track.
And that’s exactly what the Coaches Grand Giveaway is all about. 
This event is your chance to gain access to the tools, templates, and courses you need to succeed in your online business. With 30+ of the top names in the industry, this virtual giveaway is packed with valuable resources, normally sold for $97, $297, and even $497!
AND you will also receive MY Facebook Ads Fast Track… all of it for free!
Sign up for the Coaches Grand Giveaway and take the first step towards building the business you’ve always wanted.
Now that you’ve redeemed all your amazing freebies, let’s talk about making your own!

Today you’re going to create what we like to call in the marketing world a “lead magnet.”

A “lead magnet” is just a fancy word for a freebie – a magnet for new leads. 

Any time spent on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (or really any social media) and you will find these lead magnets all over the place.


Because there’s something so simple, yet ingenious about giving away something for free to gain people’s trust.

Not to mention, it’s always nice when you can have a non-spammy way to get new leads, am I right?

Because it really is simpler than you’d think, we can sum up the process into just a few steps:
Brainstorm common hurdles your audience faces.
Create a worksheet or checklist that will help your audience conquer one of those hurdles.
Write a cover page explaining how you personally relate to your audience and the hurdles they are facing.
Direct them to jump on a call with you to go over the contents of the lead magnet.
Turn this into a PDF using Canva, PhotoShop, or hire a designer on Fiverr to do it for you!
Create a landing page so people can immediately receive by email your freebie once they register and send out the link via email, social media, or ads!
And that’s it!

The hardest part will be to decide what your lead magnet will be about.

If your new leads or current audience can trust you to give them a quality product for free, then they’ll know they can trust you to bring them products of even more quality when they are paying for it.

Quality is the key word here.

Going back to our first step, here are some questions you can ask to help you brainstorm ideas:
What is a hurdle my audience is facing right now? What are their pain points?
What hurdles or pain points did I have when I was in their situation?
What simple steps would have helped me when I was also facing this hurdle or pain point?
How can I help my audience solve a problem that will lead to them wanting further problems solved? How can this hurdle we’re tackling lead to one of my paid products?
What many business owners struggle with is the idea of giving away their products or ideas for free – but I believe that’s why they get stuck and don’t bring in the clients they want.

If you want to solve problems for your clients, you need to prove to them that you can solve their problems.

You don’t have to give everything away for free, but don’t be afraid to prove your knowledge, expertise, and problem solving skills either!

All this talk about freebies has me thinking…

I wonder what are some of the best freebies out there.

And when I think of freebies, I’m not just thinking about giveaways or lead magnets – I am also thinking about swag at conferences, random prizes at restaurants, or that favorite little trinket you got to pick from a treasure box in elementary school.

So the question you can ask your audience is:
What is your favorite freebie/prize/giveaway you’ve ever received or won?
Not only will you learn some new information about your audience (maybe you have a lottery winner in your midst!) but it may help give you even more ideas of what you can create for a lead magnet!

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Want to learn more about creating lead magnets that attract the leads you actually want?
Check out my List Building 101 Course!
See you next week!
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