Your Marketing Coach Newsletter – April 3, 2023

April 3, 2023

Hi there,
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After you do that, grab some coffee and settle in for this week’s Marketing Idea 🙂

Maybe your problem is growing your list and getting new leads…

Perhaps you don’t know how to reactivate your old list of leads.

You know the list I am talking about..

… The people who signed up for your list way back before you had a better handle on how to run your business.
… The people who signed up before that long hiatus you took from emailing them constantly and they’ve just never reengaged again since then.
… The people who sign up for your freebie but you can’t tell if they really care about anything else you’ve been sending them.

First off, I want to assure you that we all have a list like that.

We all have a list of people who receive emails and texts from us daily but all we get back are crickets

I get it.

It can be pretty discouraging to keep that list around, but today is the day we bring them back!

Ready to finally reactivate your old list of leads?

Here’s how you can do it in two easy steps:

Set Up a Giveaway Funnel workflow/automation and add a “trigger” that triggers the workflow/automation when you receive a text with the word GIFT

Send an email to your entire email list with an invite:
Hi [NAME]! I am giving away a [PRIZE] to one lucky person that I’ve got on my list. Text “GIFT” to [YOUR NUMBER] and you’re entered to win! I will pick the winner in 7 days!

And… that’s it! That’s the entire email.
If they text you, they’re engaged again!
They will then get an email sequence from you and they’re in your pipeline. You have a great reason to call them again!
You’ll have entries coming in a flood. Here’s how to monetize It:
Call everyone that enters your Giveaway.
Pick a winner on the promised date – SUPER IMPORTANT! (Hint: The best prizes for these rapid-entry Giveaway
Funnels are gift cards to high-end restaurants and tickets to events, like concerts or shows.)
Send an email to everyone on your list announcing the winner.
Text everyone who entered and let them know who won.
Rinse and repeat.
I can wait to hear how many of your old leads become current leads again… and it was so easy to make happen too!

Do you have a pet?
I find that people’s creativity truly shines when it’s time to name a pet.
Long gone are the days of naming dogs “Spot,” cats “Garfield,” and birds “Tweety” – unless those are nostalgic and special to you.

I know people who coordinate all their pets’ names so they are named after their favorite characters from a TV show or a movie.
I also know people who have given their pets full names – first, middle, last, and a nickname to go along with it too!
So the question you can post in social media or in an email is:

What is the best name you’ve ever given to a pet?
What is the best name you’ve ever heard given to a pet?
My answer?
Sir Percival Ichabod Tyberius Tchychovsky AKA Pitt!
Go ahead and ask your audience to answer and make sure to tell them your favorite too!

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