How to use content to engage your audience and build relationships (free PDF)

Inside of this free PDF you’ll see many different ideas on content that you can use. These are all ideas that will get your mind running on ways that you can engage your audience, get them to respond to you and help you stay in the conversation.

High quality content is on “easy“ (I hate that word, but in this case it works) way to get even more people reaching out to you and excited to work with you:

Think about it like this: if you and I were to meet face-to-face at a networking event, how would you determine if I was able to help you?

You would look at how I am dressed, you would ask me what I do and then if my answer intrigued you you would ask further questions to determine exactly how I could work with you.

When you are introducing yourself online…

  • The presentation quality of your content is how you are “dressing” (low quality images or misspelled words are a turn off)
  • How you Identify pain points and offer solutions tells your audience what you do
  • When you share client stories of their success then you’re positioning yourself as an expert
  • Instead of handing them a business card you can send them to your Agent CRM calendar to schedule a call with you

If you are not a writer and need some help, I have a few suggestions for you that will save you hours of time:

  1. Social Magnet is the social media scheduler tool that we have built specifically for insurance agents. We even include an entire year’s worth of content for you that will publish something fun and professional every single day! Learn more at
  2. You could also choose to grab my copy and paste insurance content library, with all of the content pieces that we personally created for our clients. Check it out at

I am excited to see what content you create!

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Have a great day, and let me know how else I can serve you with your content creation and building your online presence.

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Keep creating,
Alex Branning


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