How to record using zoom upload to Youtube and embed in Clickfunnels

Hey guys this is Ryan at the Branning Group. I’m here to show you how to record a webinar using Zoom, upload that webinar to YouTube, and then embed that webinar into your Click Funnels account.

  1. Open up Zoom
  2. Click “Start Without Video”
  3. Click “Join Audio Conference by Computer”
  4. Share screen with your webinar
  5. Hover over “more” in the black rectangle that popped up and click on “Record”
  6. Go through your webinar
  7. When you are finished, hover over “more” again and then click “end meeting” and then “end meeting for all.”
  8. Let the video download and now you can upload it to YouTube
  9. Upload video to YouTube by clicking on the up arrow on the top right-hand side
  10. Rename your video and edit the settings and then click on done.
  11. Copy the embed link
  12. Go to ClickFunnels and pull up the funnel that you want to embed this live video in. So I’m going to click on webinar funnel.
  13. Choose the step that you want the video to be in
  14. Click on open editor.
  15. Click on this plus button to add a new row.
  16. Click on the add new row
  17. Choose a one column block because I just want to do this one video.
  18. Click on add to page.
  19. Choose the video option
  20. Click Add video to page
  21. Click on the black rectangle where the video will go to pull up the settings for that video
  22. Paste the embed code click on save.

That is how you first use Zoom to record your webinar on your PowerPoint, upload it to YouTube, and then you can embed it into Click Funnels. If you have any questions, just email us at

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