Real Estate Lead Generation on ClickFunnels (answering common questions and giving you a definitive game plan to dominate your market)

I’ve been in the lead generation game for real estate agents for about four years now, and there’s been many “waves” of trends. Here’s what I’m seeing work right now…
First, there’s a lot of ways to fill up a spreadsheet with crap leads. That’s not what this game plan is about… if a lead doesn’t turn into an appointment, then it’s not serving you.
Lead Magnet/Hook: The one thing that works time and time again is a list of homes in the market that fit the consumers’ desires. E-Books don’t convert well, webinars aren’t great, and gifts/bribes just bring in looky-loos.
On the first page of your funnel ask the lead for…
  1. Their full name
  2. The best email address to send their list to
  3. A phone number you can text (not call) with questions… when you tell them you’re going to text, your opt-ins go up
  4. When they’re looking to move (ASAP, 3 months, 6 months, etc)
  5. Do you own or rent your current residence?
  6. Best time to contact you
When you get someone to fill out all of this information, you have a really solid lead and you know when they’ll respond back to your texts.
Landing Page Content: On the first page they see, include a nice intro video so they can see your face, tell them why you’re in real estate and what they can expect after they fill out the form. Let them know you’re going to be emailing them and sending them a text message with questions. If they don’t want to hear from you, then they’re not a good lead anyway!
Bonus points if you include testimonials from past clients singing your praises, double bonus points if they’re videos.
Thank You Page: After they submit the form, remind them that you will be texting them and let them know what number to expect the text from. This is important! You want them to be on the look-out and actually respond.
Facebook Ad: Your ad should speak directly to the buyer wanting a new house. Copy like, “Get an updated list of homes in Redding, both on the market and properties coming soon” work really well to get people to click.
Retargeting Ad: Real estate is a contact sport… the agent with the most contact with the prospect wins. Retarget them with short videos introducing yourself, testimonials from past clients, links to blog posts, etc… but only have that content going to your retargeting audience. Cold traffic just gets the direct link to your landing page with the offer for homes.
Follow Up Email: Don’t skimp on this… set up your action funnel with an email sequence of 8-20 emails that will be sent out after they request information from you. Use Actionetics to get the full power of ClickFunnels.
Alex, what about sellers??: I’ve found that prospects that want to sell their homes are more focused on their next house than selling their previous home.
There you go!

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