real estate marketing funnel

01 May 2019

Real Estate Lead Generation on ClickFunnels (answering common questions and giving you a definitive game plan to dominate your market)

I've been in the lead generation game for real estate agents for about four years now, and there's been many "waves" of trends. Here's what I'm seeing work right now... First, there's a lot of ways to fill up a spreadsheet with crap leads. That's not what this game plan is about... if a lead doesn't turn into an appointment,…

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04 Aug 2017

Real Estate Marketing Funnel – generated 26 appointment requests!!

I just launched a Giveaway Funnel for my client Linda, and she received twenty-six requests from prospects asking for an appointment with her because they're interested in selling! Let me take you behind the scenes of what we did for Linda, and then I'll give you an opportunity so that I can help you do the same! What is a…

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