Real Estate Marketing Funnel – generated 26 appointment requests!!

I just launched a Giveaway Funnel for my client Linda, and she received twenty-six requests from prospects asking for an appointment with her because they’re interested in selling!

Let me take you behind the scenes of what we did for Linda, and then I’ll give you an opportunity so that I can help you do the same!

What is a Giveaway Funnel?
A Giveaway Funnel is a simple website that uses a small prize as an incentive to get people to give you their contact information. After we get the prospects’ contact info we ask a simple question so that they can self-qualify themselves as a good lead (or not…).

Linda gave away tickets to the local fair and generated 174 entries, 26 of them want to set up an appointment to talk about selling their home.

We don’t do anything sales-y or gimmicky… this is the page where we invited the contest entries to set an appointment with Linda:

Why does this work so well? 
Giveaway Funnels are awesome because…
1) People want to win free stuff
2) If we ask the “Qualifying Question” nicely, directly and not sales-y we get a really good response

The leads generated are not aggregated leads, Internet leads or shared leads – they’re YOURS and only yours! 


Let’s do one for you!!

Set up a call with me so we can discuss it, and let’s get your Giveaway Funnel set up so we can start generating leads as early as next week! Click here ==>


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