Three Email Sequences to Automate Today

If you are running paid traffic but you don’t yet have automation set up to turn those customers into loyal, repeat buyers – you are definitely leaving money on the table!

Why? Because people are fickle, they forget about you, or worse – they don’t form a bond with your brand after buying the first time.

Here is a run-down of our recommended email automations to turn those casual visitors into a tribe of raving fans of your brand

Here are what we recommend as a starting point.

  1. A welcome series flow to introduce subscribers to you and convert them into customers. Great for an “opt-in” flow
  2. A win-back flow for customers who schedule an appointment but then don’t come back to buy again, customizable based on the product they expressed interest in. I have a different win-back campaign for the different calls they can schedule with us
  3. A value-packed “Seinfeld” email campaign that sends an email to them on a regular basis with education about what you offer. You’ve seen me execute this with my “Your Marketing Coach” newsletter! High value every week, with action items and an introduction to how I can help them.

If you have those three flows set up you are in good shape to optimize traffic to your site – as you will be able to hugely increase the lifetime value of your customer.

The best thing about this strategy – is once you set it up, it works on automatic.

I wrote most of the email campaigns last year and have only had to make minor tweaks since then. My system has sent out THOUSANDS of personalized emails every month, each one specific to the step they’re on in their customer journey for my products.

I use Agent CRM for my marketing platform, but even If you’re not using Agent CRM I recommend setting up these email sequences.

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