How to use email to sell more to your aged lead list

In this blog post I’m going to give you actionable ideas and a list of emails to send to your aged leads so that they pick up the phone and call you to take action. I’ll be covering these three points:

  1. What is an email nurturing campaign
  2. Five of my best ideas for your emails
  3. More topic brainstorms to get you writing!

What is an email nurturing campaign?

Adding a dash of entertainment and some lightheartedness to your email nurture campaign could be the key that unlocks high levels of engagement. The idea of an aged lead email nurture campaign is to be 90% entertaining and provide content for the remaining 10%. Emails should be more about the customer and less on your product. Focus emails to make them feel like you are there for their needs, not just selling something that will solve a problem they don’t have right now.

It’s good practice to try and teach something in each email. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. The goal is to add value to your client, build rapport, and establish your authority as an expert.

Personally, I like to send a nurture campaign every ten days, but others like to send a monthly email. Following my example, if you send an email every ten days, then you only need 37 emails to stay in touch with your prospect for a year after they are added to your nurture sequence… and a 100-email sequence keeps you in the conversation for THREE YEARS! WOW!

Here are some general ideas to get the creative brainwaves flowing… write what works for you and your voice! You don’t have to “force” anything when it comes to regular email communication with your audience, authenticity sells.

Five of my best ideas for your emails

LIST EMAIL: Lists are everywhere and for good reason… they flat out work. Create a list of books, tools, resources or any other thing that your market will find useful.

HOW-TO: The How-To Email is another staple. Describe how to execute a process and use images to enrich the email and make it as easy as possible for your visitor to take action.

PROBLEM/SOLUTION: This type of email has an easy format: (1) Define a problem, then (2) Present the solution. It’s best to use a story of your clients (or yourself) to convey the problem and solution.

CHECKLIST: If the content you are delivering can be broken into a “checklist” it will often perform better. People like the checklist format because it’s easy to digest and take action when the content is itemized in this way.

ULTIMATE GUIDE: The ultimate guide email is just what it sounds like — a detailed, comprehensive post on a topic in your niche or location. Don’t skimp here — take your time and deliver the definitive email on the topic. You’ll be shocked at how popular this is!

More topic brainstorms to get you writing!

DEFINITION: In insurance, the market needs to be educated, and the definition email is an absolute must. Consider creating a series of emails that you can intersperse in your Seinfeld campaign.

STATS: This style works best when you can use statistics that you use to prove a point to help you sell your insurance. Consider curating and pulling together stats from multiple locations to save time.

FAQ POST: If you get repeat questions from customers or prospects there is a good chance they are typing these same questions into Google and other search engines.

INTERVIEW: It’s surprising how willing even the most influential people are to give you an interview — even if you have a small audience on your list.

PEOPLE TO FOLLOW: Curate a list of influential people, describe them, and provide links for your audience to connect with them through their website, social media channels, events, books, etc. People love being connected to influential people they should know about, and influencers love the free publicity! WIN WIN!

Next Steps – Resources to Help

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