Omicron – Marketing Piece for Insurance Agents (copy and paste)

INSURANCE AGENTS: Let’s talk about the Omicron variant and how you can use this news to serve your audience…

As your marketing coach my goal is to put you in a position to serve your audience and your clients at the highest level. This action step encourages the recipient to schedule a phone call with you.

There’s a lot of emotions that arise when news like this comes out.

When sending out a piece of marketing related to a negative news cycle it’s important to:

1) Approach with the heart of a servant, not a salesperson
2) Avoid any and all political discussion
3) Share exactly how you can help them
4) Detail what steps they need to take so you can help them

I wrote out an email and text message you can send to your database.

Feel free to modify it, this is shared to inspire your creativity. It’s not written specifically to any insurance product, and is written vague so you can tweak it for yourself.



Subject: Omicron and your insurance policy

Body Text:

Hi NAME, this is ___ checking in

My purpose for the email is to serve you and your family, specifically to make sure that your policy covers any and all instances of how this new Covid variant can impact you.

I’m not a doctor or pharmacist so I can’t answer questions about the virus, but I would love to review your policy and make sure you’re covered and protected.

Can we schedule a call? Here’s a link to my personal calendar, you can pick any time on my calendar that works for you: LINK

If you’re not familiar with the Omicron variant here’s some news articles to read:

I hope you had a fun and relaxing thanksgiving!


(Your Signature)

?Text Message: “Name, this is ___. I just sent you an email concerning your insurance policy and the new Covid variant (Omicron). Hoping to talk soon!”

My team has a training video that shows how to set up a marketing campaign and add your contacts to it in bulk. It’s in the Branning Library > Agent CRM Training course.

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