Do. Document. Delegate.

The quickest way to hit 7 figures in revenue?
• Do
• Document
• Delegate
Here are my favorite tools to work 10x smarter not harder:

1) Loom: Record yourself doing the task, and explain WHY you’re doing It that way.

Ever feel like all you do is repeat how to do things to others?
What If I told you… that if you’re repeating yourself it is actually YOUR fault?
I learned that the hard way. Now I film a loom video of me doing whatever task, file it, and my team can go watch me do it and learn why I do it the way I do it. Brilliant.

2) Trello: Manage content creation at scale.

I changed my thinking and I now view content as “projects”.
I use Trello as my pipeline to get my content Ideas written down, flushed out, produced, edited, and distributed.
NOTE: I am building software to make the process a little easier and much faster, but for now this is what we use and what I recommend.

3) Agent CRM. This is my ultimate cheat code.

I use Agent CRM to automate my:

  • Online Booking System
  • Follow Up
  • Incoming Calls
  • Referral Systems
  • Client Onboarding Process
  • Many Customer Service Tasks

GOOD NEWS! I had my team make Loom videos and create “snapshots” so that you can implement my systems Into your business!
They’re instantly available for you at

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