“Alex… what the **** is a Giveaway Funnel?”

If you’re asking what the bleep is a Giveaway Funnel… let me explain.

First of all, let’s review the science behind a successful insurance business.

The Equation to grow your business is simple:

  1. Leads: You need new, high quality leads every day
  2. Sales: You must have a system in place to close those leads
  3. Referrals: These are Free Leads from happy clients
  4. Replication: Build systems you can duplicate and delegate to others
  5. Team: Build a team of all-stars around you

On the Internet, your lead falls into one of three buckets:

HOT                WARM                        COLD

You can get an online lead for one dollar, $11, or $21. No matter how much you spend, that lead went through the same process… they saw an offer online and filled out a form.

Do you want to pay $1.00 for that lead, or $20.00+?

Do you want to be the first… or fifth call that they get?

Do you see how ridiculous buying leads is? Paying ten or more dollars for a lead that’s shared with others? That’s a terrible business practice, and it’s a shame that lead buying is so rampant.

Let me show you how the Giveaway Funnel works (if you’re interested, I have a video that goes over this entire process with a demonstration uploaded on YouTube)

Step 1 – Ad Click

  • Your ideal customer is scrolling through Facebook, and an ad offering the chance to win a gift card catches their eye.
  • They click on the ad and it takes them to your funnel

Step 2 – Enter Contest

  • After being sent to the funnel, the lead will click on a button that prompts the lead to enter the Giveaway Funnel contest
  • The lead will enter their name, email & phone number for a chance to win your prize

Step 3 – Qualifying Questions

  • After entering their contact info, they are taken to a page where they are asked a few “qualifying questions” that help you determine if they are a hot lead or not
  • You pick the questions! We have recommendations for you, but you decide the questions we ask your prospects.
  • These are yes/no questions, we recommend a minimum of 3, maximum of 5 questions

Step 4 – Thank You Page

  • After answering the qualifying questions, the lead is taken to a page that thanks them for entering, and gives them the opportunity to double their entries by sharing the contest on Facebook
  • Your calendar is directly embedded on the page, making it so easy for your prospects to schedule an appointment!

Email Automation: Lead Nurturing

  • Every lead that gets entered into your Giveaway, regardless of their answers to the questions, will get entered into an automated 8-step email sequence:
    • “Thank You” for entering the contest
    • “Who I Am” that introduces you to the prospect
    • “Your Story” of why you got started in insurance
    • “Client Story” of a client that you served and what they say about you
    • “Simple Question” email that elicits a response
    • “Have Time?” email written to set an appointment
    • “Another Question” to get them to respond and start a conversation
    • “Let’s Talk ASAP” that does a hard sale on talking with you about your products
  • This will allow the lead to get to know, trust & like you
  • We have the emails written out, you just need to modify our templates with your “voice” so that the emails sound like you, with your story and your client testimonials.

Instant Notification Of Your New Lead

  • Once someone enters into your Giveaway, you will receive an automated email and text message with their contact information
  • All of their information will be saved in your Agent CRM account. You’ll be able to see what emails they opened, what text messages were delivered, etc.
  • You have the option of setting up a survey question as a trigger for us to call you and connect you with the lead using the “Hot Transfer”!

Your Follow Up Process

  • In addition to the 8-step email follow-up sequence, you will also have the opportunity to personally text and call your new leads
  • We provide you with text and call scripts to use when following up

People who follow up personally with the leads, get the best results from their Giveaway Funnel campaign 🙂

When you set up your own Giveaway Funnel, you own your lead generation system.

No more buying leads. Imagine the freedom you’ll feel when you have a set budget of $10 per day for your marketing, and you’re getting new leads coming in every day. *deep sigh of relief*

Every lead from your Giveaway Funnel is exclusively your lead. No one else is calling them but you. When you call a lead from a Giveaway Funnel, they’re expecting your call and excited to talk to you

If you’re interested in building your own Giveaway Funnel, you can learn more about your options here: http://www.giveawayfunnel.com/

If you have questions about the Giveaway Funnel, let’s set up a call at http://branningcall.com/

To Overcoming Challenges and Trying New Things,
Alex Branning

PS – My favorite combination of marketing+automation is having our Giveaway Funnel call my cell phone directly when a new lead comes in that expresses interest in our product, but doesn’t schedule a call with us.

Here’s how the Hot Transfer works…

  1. A new Giveaway Funnel entry goes through the survey,
  2. Says “YES” to wanting more information about our services, and
  3. Then Agent CRM waits five minutes before calling me with the lead’s information.
  4. If the lead schedules a time on my calendar, the software doesn’t call me (since they’ve told me when to call them).
  5. However, if they do not schedule a time to talk then Agent CRM calls me directly and once I’m on the line, the software calls the lead. I’m talking to my lead within minutes of them filling out the form. WOW!

PPS – getting your own Giveaway Funnel up and going is quick and easy -> http://www.giveawayfunnel.com/ (click the button to start building now)

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