Using funnels to build your insurance business (free funnels)

One of my favorite things to talk about is funnels.

I remember the first time I ever heard the word “Funnel“; I was working with my marketing director at the time on a project, we were building a small website for a client of ours.

He put a book on my desk called “Dotcom Secrets“ by Russell Brunson and told me that I should read it.

Honestly, at first I dismissed him, but because we had such a close personal relationship and I knew that his advice was coming from a place of really wanting the best for the Branning Group… I gave in.

Within the first few pages I was hooked!

I followed Russell‘s teaching and my life has never been the same. I want to share with you what I have learned from Russell Brunson and how you can apply it to your insurance business.

I have designed funnels for your insurance product, you can grab it at

Here are the eight things you need to do to have an effective landing page for your funnels:

  1. Be ultra specific! Your landing page needs to be very clear on what you do and how you can help the prospect.
  2. One big thing. Stay focused on the one thing that you can do to help them, you don’t need to explain your entire business on a single landing page
  3. Speak to a known, desired end result. What does your client REALLY want? If you can figure that out and promise it, your prospect will gladly give their contact information and schedule a call with you.
  4. Immediate gratification! Your audience wants a solution and they want it now! Tell them how long it will take them to get the solution, and how much time they will be required to spend working on it.
  5. Preframe the relationship. You need to tell them who you are, why they should listen to you and what to expect after they have taken this next step.
  6. High perceived value. Just because your consultation call with them is free does not mean it should LOOK free. You need to let your client know the value of your time and the resources that you will be sending them before or after your call.
  7. High actual value. If you make big promises but don’t deliver, it doesn’t matter what the cost is for your insurance product… They will not take action because they do not believe that you will deliver what you say. To win, you must promise AND DELIVER value.
  8. Make it easy! Do you want to make sure that the next steps for your prospect are clearly defined, easy to perform and are able to be completed quickly. If it takes them too long to take the next step then they will simply give up.

I know that gonna be a lot for you to review and take action on, so I’ve made it easy for you.

I have designed funnels for most insurance products, you can get them right now at

If you already have an Agent CRM account, simply reply to this email and I will import all of them into your account

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I have designed funnels for the following insurance products:

  • Life insurance
  • Final expense insurance
  • Medicare
  • Home insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Annuity quote
  • Schedule appointment
  • Referral system
  • … And more!

My goal is to gain your trust and deliver massive value in advance. As such, all of these resources are absolutely free! Enjoy.

To your successful funnel development,
Alex Branning

PS – If you want to read the book that changed my life, grab your own free copy of Dotcom Secrets HERE – just pay shipping

PPS – I wrote a book that explored all of the marketing strategies I teach, it’s called “Insurance Super Agent” and it’s available in digital and audio format here:

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