The Power of Three

I don’t know about you, but I really believe in the significance of numbers in our life. For me the number that has stuck out of my mind to focus on in 2016 is the number “3”

I believe that if you do three pro active activities per day you will see significant growth in your business and your personal life. That proactive activity could be a sales meeting, listening to an educational podcast, purposefully seeking out quality time with a loved one, etc.
The exact activity depends on your life circumstance, but it will take you being purposeful and aggressive about meeting that goal of three pro active activities. Too often we go about our day doing what feels good or following a habit, and we do not take the necessary effort to improve our life.
My sales coach April Ballestaro calls this strategic activity “growth work”

You need to make sure that every day is planned out so that you can achieve this goal of three proactive activities per day. Without a plan you will not be able to map out your productivity, instead you’ll be constantly chasing the urgent matters in your business or (even worse) sitting around being idle with your time because you can’t think of something to do.

My mantra for myself is “the power of three”.
–> Instead of one source of income, in 2016 I will have three.

–> Instead of one daughter (our biological daughter) my wife and I have three kids. Two of our daughters are foster daughters!

–> I will make sure I do three proactive things per day
–> I want to take three vacations this year – not just the one that we took in 2015
Can I encourage you? I want you to believe that you can improve your life. I want you to look back on 2016 as the year that it all changed for you. Those are really big goals! I believe that you can achieve them.
But the only way you can do it is by moving in that direction. The number three is a very small number, so allow yourself and encourage yourself to do these three actions per day. Pick what those actions are going to be and then set out to do them!
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