The more you sell the more you serve

If you believe that the product that you are selling will benefit the life of the person who buys it, would it be a stretch for me to tell you that your hesitancy in picking up the phone is actually selfish?

You probably think I’m crazy, but let me continue…

Most first time sales people get into sales because they are desperate. Many times the mindset around the sales person is a negative one because they have had a bad experience in the past.

But what if I told you that sales is actually one of the easiest ways for you to positively change someone’s life for the better?

Consider this: if you have the answer to someone’s problem, then you can change their life! You can make it better! At the Branning Group, the company I founded in 2000, we do digital marketing for a small to medium size businesses. Most of the time our sales presentation start with a simply asking where the prospect is having a hard time. We can then respond to their issues with our solutions, and if our price is within their budget then we are providing them with a key service that will grow their business at a price that fits within their establish budget. We are working with them to make their company grow! Most of the time when the sale is complete our client is relieved!

One of the most exciting things going on for me personally is my involvement with dream trips. One of the cool things about dream trips is that the people who are in it will be spending more time with her family’s, going on more vacations and not spending as much money. So many of my friends and family are getting great value from this! When I find out that someone once to take more vacations but feel they are too expensive, I can’t help but bubble over with excitement and tell them about dream trips. When I show them what it’s all about, they too are excited.

But, I sold them on the dream trips product. Shouldn’t that feel like I “won something”? No! I feel great but more importantly I was able to show a friend this cool product that I love, and they are stoked that they get to travel more with their family! By me selling them the product, I have positively impacted their life.

The same applies to your product or service – or at least the same should apply to your product or service. When you make a sale, you are improving their life.

So go sell some more! Change some lives, starting with your own!

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