Saying NO is powerful!

You must say no to the wrong things so that you can say yes to the right things!

Our businesses suffer because we are focused on the quick wins and not the long-term gains. To put it another way, you can say no to GOOD things so that you can say YES to great things!

Boundaries are vital no matter the situation; we all need boundaries. When you start saying no to the things that make you get an upset stomach, or that you’re just not excited about, you have freed up your time to focus on the things that you want to do! Time is money; treat it as such…

I’ll give you an example. My business coach encouraged me to start saying no to the website design projects that did not meet our very refined list of needs for a project.

Said list included:

  • The length of time it would take us to complete the project – Seven days
  • The amount of profit that we would make from the project – A minimum of $500 per project on the front end
  • The entire team needed to feel like this was a client that we could satisfy.

If any one of those three items were not met then we said no to the project, and over the last year I’ve turned down more projects than I’ve accepted. In the process I freed up my team (and myself) so that we can focus on the longer-term gains that will give The Branning Group stability while still meeting our revenue goals. If I’d taken on a couple of the projects presented to us I couldn’t have accepted some of the contracts that have proven to be massive wins for the company, most importantly our online courses. 

Saying no takes control of your life and puts it back into your hands! Too often we say yes to things that we know don’t suit us because we feel trapped. 

When you start saying no you will feel yourself becoming a little bit more confident in yourself with every repetition, it will be easier to say no the next time, and slowly but surely you will feel powerful again!

Comment below with what you need to say NO to!

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