If you’re a mortgage lender looking to use ClickFunnels, here’s a do-it-yourself strategy that you can implement to generate 1-2 appointments per week consistently, on a $20/day ad budget.
== FUNNEL ==
Free mortgage rate quote from local loan officer
Request name, email, phone on first step (very low barrier of entry on first step of funnel, change submit button copy to NEXT so they know there’s more). On second step of funnel ask for more sensitive information like income, social security, etc.
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After Opt-In:
Ask to setup specific appointment, have prospect enter day/time for you to call
== ADS ==
LOCK IN THE RATE ON YOUR NEXT HOME LOAN TODAY… the interest rates are going up, and it’s not a good time for new home buyers to be sitting on the sideline. It’s time to take action, lock in the rate for your next home (even if you don’t have a home picked out) so that you can save yourself thousands of dollars over the life of your new home loan. 
I’ve seen too many people wait until the last minute, thinking that rates won’t change… well you know the rest of the story.
Fill out this short form today, this is a free service provided by [COMPANY NAME]
Make sure the photo includes your headshot, and if you can include a map graphic of your target area that’s a great eye-catching way to show you know the area.
Email 1: [immediate]
Thank you, received your request and will be calling with questions.
Email 2: [1 day]
Out of curiosity, what real estate agent are you working with?  
Text: [1 hour]:
First, I received your request for a rate quote. I’m working on it now!
If you spend $20/day pushing this ad, with this funnel, to local residents that are not homeowners you can expect 2-4 entries a week. Out of those 2-4 entries, my clients convert 1-2 of those into appointments. 
I ask what real estate agent they’re working with, because most often the prospects filling in this form are not working with an agent yet. This puts my client in a position where they can now share the lead with a real estate agent that they want to work with!

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