Marketing isn’t a Stab, it’s a Symphony

The process of marketing to your target client and winning their business is often compared to fishing, where one dangles a line and hopes their fish “bites”; but I believe a more accurate analogy for marketing would be the creation of a symphony.

A composer knows the goal and uses many instruments to achieve the sound he wants, and the audience wants to hear the end result. Many instruments are used in coordination with each other, and they all work together to achieve greatness.
A company’s marketing plan cannot be limited to a fishing line and a wish. It must be like a finely composed symphony, where every instrument and sound is coordinated, and the composer brings EVERYONE together in a crescendo of beautiful music! A successful marketing plan devised by a professional social marketing firm should have those same qualities, and coordinate business leads, networking, and social media to the masses. When your audience sees and hears everything working together, the Show is going to be a “hit!”

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