Is the Giveaway Funnel Compliant? (Rebating, Inducement, etc)

A common question we get asked is, “Is the Giveaway Funnel legal?” for insurance agents to use in growing their business.

The answer: Yes, it is legal and compliant in all fifty states.

The Giveaway Funnel System is essentially an online raffle with a super-charged follow-up system that uses advanced advertising techniques to put your campaign in front of your target audience.

The Giveaway Funnel is not rebating, since the winner can be anyone that enters your contest, and they are not required to buy insurance to win.

The Giveaway Funnel is not discriminatory, because anyone who gets to the page can enter to win (we will only pay to have your contest shown to your target audience, but if your contest is shared then those leads may be outside of our advertising parameters).

The Giveaway Funnel System uses the Facebook Ad platform to deliver an offer to your ideal prospect (we get really specific on who sees this ad… more on that later). The offer is a chance to win a really cool prize! The hook is the opportunity to win the prize.


When your prospect clicks on the ad, we take them to a landing page where we talk about the contest and encourage them to enter their contact information for a chance to win. All of the details are clearly spelled out, including the value of the prize and the day you’ll be picking a random winner.


After they enter their contact information, they go to a page where we ask some short yes/no survey questions to determine if they’re a good lead for the insurance product you’re focusing on for this campaign.


On the third and final step of this funnel, we offer them an easy way to schedule an appointment with you so they can discuss the insurance product you were asking them questions about.


The entire process takes about 30 seconds for the entrant to fill out all of the information and complete the process. I hear a few agents ask, “will a contest bring me qualified leads?” – the answer is YES! Not all of them are ready to buy now, but you will fill your database with customers to nurture and fill your calendar with appointments of people ready to talk to you.


Our average cost per entrant is $1.00 or less (some contests get prospects in for as little as sixteen cents each); and we see one-in-ten set appointments. WOW!


Here’s where our Giveaway Funnel System takes a contest and really applies some marketing juice to it…


Immediately upon entering the Giveaway, your prospect starts receiving an eight-step email auto responder that we have had professionally crafted to get your ideal prospects to setup an appointment with you.


In other words, if they don’t schedule an appointment right away… you have eight more chances to get them on the phone with you.


Check this out… here’s the email sequence we’ve written out, you can see that we are working to nurture the lead first, and then ask for an appointment.


EMAIL ONE​- Thank them for entering your giveaway.

EMAIL TWO – Introduce yourself to your new prospect.(“Hi, this is #FIRST#…)

EMAIL THREE – Share the story of why you’re in insurance.

EMAIL FOUR – Share one of your client testimonials. (“#FIRST# is great because…”)

EMAIL FIVE – Ask them a simple question (we want a response).

EMAIL SIX – Ask for an appointment to help them.

EMAIL SEVEN – Ask them another simple question.

EMAIL EIGHT – Ask for an appointment to help them.

TEXT 1 ​- Thank them for entering your giveaway, confirm their phone number is good (immediately)

TEXT 2 – Request an appointment to talk to them (sent seven days after sign up)


This isn’t just an automated process though, you are notified right away via text message and email when a new prospect has entered your giveaway. You’ll get a text, “You have a new lead…” with the lead’s information.


So, you have people entering your database for a dollar, and our system puts you in contact with them TEN TIMES over the course of eight days.

Do you see why our agents call this the “Predictable Appointment System”? Our client David said that every morning he calls all the leads from the contest that entered the day before, and he calls them to run appointments in the afternoon. The morning he spends calling the leads from yesterday, and in the afternoon he runs appointments. He told me, “The Giveaway Funnel didn’t just GROW my business, it IS my business!”

Now, you could build this yourself from scratch… or you could work with me and my team! We have this turnkey marketing system ready to go for you!

Let’s hop on a call and go over it as soon as possible –

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