How do you get traffic to your website?

I used to rely 100% on SEO and word of mouth for traffic.
Then, I discovered Facebook Ads (yay!)
And while I’m a HUGE advocate of them, I use them, and I teach them, you can’t rely on JUST Facebook Ads!
There are TONS of ways to fill your funnel – some are harder, easier, more expensive, more tedious…but your funnel doesn’t just have to run off of Facebook Ads.
Here’s a quick list…
  1. SEO and blogging
  2. Amazon – through a free e-book that you promote on Kindle direct
  3. Pinterest – a HUGE search engine that many dudes are ignoring (big mistake)
  4. Instagram
  5. Guest posts
  6. Directory listings
  7. Podcast interviews
  8. Telesummits
  9. Traditional PR and Media Appearances
  10. Direct Mail
  11. Cold Calling
  12. YouTube videos (this is where I’m headed!)
  13. LinkedIn networking and publishing RIGHT on their platform
  14. Building a Facebook Group
  15. Networking on Facebook and other online forums
  16. Live events and conferences
  17. Links on your email signature
  18. Bumper stickers
  19. Ad networks on Hootsuite, Stumbleupon, Google, Twitter, Pinterest
  20. Word of Mouth through your own affiliate program

I’d love to hear your ideas as well!


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