Facebook groups continue to be a gold mine for anyone doing online marketing!

I recently launched my new brand, “Stay Humble Hustle Hard” – the core piece of this initiative is an online Facebook group.
Here’s what I did to launch it:
  • Create a public Facebook group and use the new “questions” feature to gather pertinent information – email address, how they heard about me, etc.
  • Push all new sign-ups to an opt in page where I get their email address and offer to send them a free swag (in this case a bracelet with “stay humble hustle hard”). When they fill out the form I now have their name, email address, and full address for future marketing
  • Post regularly to encourage engagement and create a deeper relationship with the group members
In the future I will be doing interviews with well-known friends of mine to add value to the group, create engagement, and provide a platform to my friends!
In summary, here are the benefits that I am getting by starting my own Facebook group:
1. Organic lead generation (93 leads TODAY)
2. Full contact information – including addresses – for my leads
3. New platform to offer as benefit for a joint venture partners
4. Creating deeper relationship with prospects Building up my own name
5. Increasing the presence of my company, the Branning Group
6. Own my community that I can moderate/control to maintain my vision
If you have not started your own Facebook group yet, I would encourage you to do so – it’s a great asset for your business and a really powerful method to stay connected to your prospects 🙂

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