Dan Henry Curiosity Script – word for word

This is the infamous “Curiosity Script” that Dan Henry used to take dozens of new digital marketers to the $10k/month level:


I’m learning Facebook ads right now and about to add it to our service offering. So far we are getting amazing results! Before I start charging full price, I need to find a business willing to let me experiment with what I have learned. Just pay for the ads, I won’t charge anything for my time. Please comment below if you’re interested

For a play-by-play on how to land new Facebook ad clients, check out Dan Henry’s 10k webinar. He shows you the step by step playbook.

It’s not just a “preview” webinar, he dives in DEEP and shows you exactly how to build your Facebook ad business.

PS – if you haven’t already done so, jump in the ClickFunnels affiliate bootcamp! They provide free training, free funnels, free tools and a great community!

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