ClickFunnels for Insurance Agents – Alex Branning Discusses the Giveaway Funnel with Dave Woodward, CEO of ClickFunnels

Sell Annuities and Insurance Using Funnels - Alex Branning Shares the Giveaway Funnel on ClickFunnels Radio with Dave Woodward

REDDING, CA – January 7, 2021: Alex Branning was interviewed on today’s podcast episode of ClickFunnels radio, praised by Dave Woodward, the CEO of ClickFunnels, as a genuine person who cares about the insurance agents he works with. Dave introduced Alex as someone with “crazy success” for insurance agents, a notoriously difficult industry to have online marketing success in.  

Alex is the first insurance industry specific marketing agency featured on ClickFunnels Radio, and as such Dave was excited to talk to him about his innovative and ground-breaking strategies to help insurance agents generate leads online. Dave came from an insurance background himself and wanted to hear about Alex’s most successful marketing strategies for insurance agents 

Alex explained, “we have two core products that work really well for our people. The Giveaway Funnel really put us on the map in the insurance space. The reason why this works is because we’re using the law of reciprocity and the irresistible offer combined – so the consumer is excited about the opportunity to win a really cool gift card and they now know the name of the insurance agent. 

Oliver C, an insurance agent based in Pennsylvania, said “I will vouch for Alex’s system. It works! He delivers exactly what he says. If you have a decent follow up system, you can’t lose money [with the Giveaway Funnel]. It’s nearly impossible.” 

The conversation on the podcast segued into PackMyCalendar, the marketing platform the Branning Group built for insurance agents to help them setup their own on-demand seminars to educate their prospects on insurance products and investment vehicles.  

Dave joked, “I remember the lunch and learnsit was so effective.” Alex shared how PackMyCalendar helps the insurance agent take the lunch-and-learn concept virtual, and expand their seminar into a broader market. PackMyCalendar leverages your time, avoids tech failures and eliminates presentation nerves. 

In the interview, Alex shared the step-by-step overview of both of these strategies. You can learn more by listening to the episode of ClickFunnels Radio or by going directly to and  

Alex wrote a book, ”The Insurance Super Agent“ that explains how to become the insurance agent your ideal customers flock to, stick to and tell their friends about. You can buy the book on Amazon or  

The “ClickFunnels Radio” podcast is published by ClickFunnels. The guests are chosen by the team at ClickFunnels, and the featured guest is not endorsed or sponsored by ClickFunnelsDave Woodward, Russell Brunson, or any past guests of the “What’s Working Now” segment. Alex Branning was invited to speak because of the success of his Giveaway Funnel, and his appearance on the show should not be considered an endorsement. 

The Branning Group is a marketing agency focused on helping insurance agents. They were founded in 2000 and are based in Redding, CA. 

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Alex Branning at 661-946-0888 or visit his website at  

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