Agent CRM VS Salesforce (Financial Services)

As Insurance Agents scale their growing business, a CRM quickly becomes a requirement to keep leads, clients, and daily tasks organized. The purpose of a CRM system is to have efficient business management by remaining connected with leads and clients, automating processes, and growing profits. In order for a CRM to truly work, the users must first understand what their system is capable of and how to use it.

At Agent CRM, the main priority is to meet all of an Agent’s needs through one easy-to-use system.
We make this possible by not requiring pricey upgrades in order to unlock essential features, unlike Salesforce.

Immediately upon signing up for the base-level account, users in both Agent CRM and Salesforce will be able to take advantage of these features:

  • Lead & Client Pipelines
  • Lead & Client Management
  • Activity Dashboard & Reports
  • Email Marketing
  • Custom Date Reminders (Birthdays, Policy Renewals,


While these few, base-level features are included in both software, Agent CRM offers users several more built-in features at no extra cost.

Alternatively, Salesforce users are offered a confusing 33-page long list of additional features all with itemized monthly prices.


Which Built-In Features Are Included With Agent CRM?

1. Dialing

Agent CRM has multiple contact dialing solutions built in the system.

  1. Power Dialing – As new leads enter the system, automatically or through a manual import, Agent CRM will queue the leads into custom Power Dialer lists. Users will, then, have the ability to simply click “Let’s Start” and allow the system to dial through their leads automatically, showing each lead’s contact record as they are dialed and connected.
  2. Manual Dialing – Users have the ability to dial any contact or new phone number through their account.
  3. Live Transfers – The quickest way to get on the phone with a new lead is through the Live Transfer feature. The moment a new lead enters your account, the system can immediately dial the user, notify them of the new lead (including full name and source), then dial the lead and connect them with the Agent CRM user.

With each of these Built-In dialing solutions, Agent CRM gives the user the option to record each call with no extra cost.

Salesforce users must pay for additional plan add-ons in order to unlock the varying dialing features.


2. Appointment Setting

Agent CRM users have the ability to set follow-up appointments through the Built-In Calendar feature.

Along with this, accounts allow for unlimited calendars, each with unique calendar links to allow for prospects, leads, and clients to easily schedule an appointment within the user’s availability.

After the appointment is scheduled, the system will automatically follow up with the lead by sending a confirmation email and text message, along with a reminder text when the appointment is coming up.

Salesforce users must pay for additional add-ons in order to unlock the appointment setting feature.


3. SMS Marketing

Agent CRM offers users unlimited email marketing, which may be delivered to contacts in one bulk action, through bulk drip campaigns, or through one-on-one conversation.

Additionally, users may take advantage of the SMS marketing feature (with 6,000 minutes of free phone time), which may also be delivered to contacts in one bulk action, through bulk drip campaigns, or through one-on-one conversation.

Salesforce users must request a quote to begin to unlock an SMS Marketing feature.


4. Additional Features

  • Support

Like Agent CRM, Salesforce provides support through email.

However, Agent CRM goes beyond this minimum level of support by also offering Onboarding Zoom Sessions and Twice-Daily Live Q&A Calls for all users.

  • Free Campaign & Funnel Templates

Agent CRM doesn’t stop at managing and marketing to new leads, but we also provide the tools to generate new leads with our free-to-use Insurance Funnel (Landing Page) Templates and Insurance Email/Text Campaigns. These templates are easily customized to fit the agent’s voice and brand.

Agent CRM, also, allows for unlimited funnels and campaigns to be hosted from within each account.

  • Trigger Automations

Using Agent CRM, users have the built-in ability to create custom and unlimited trigger automation to help automate their work-life. Repetitive manual tasks are greatly reduced as users take advantage of Agent CRM’s artificial intelligence.

Feature Agent CRM Salesforce
Unlimited Users Yes Possible Add-On 

($225-$300/monthly per additional user)

Power Dialer Yes 

(6,000 minutes for calls & texts)

Duplicate Contact Blocking Yes Yes
Lead Assignment Yes Yes
New Lead Live Transfer Yes No
Pipelines Yes Yes
Custom Date Reminders Yes Yes
SMS Sending Yes No
Mass Email Marketing Yes Yes
Mass SMS Marketing Yes No
Call Tracking & Analytics Yes No
Call Recording Yes No
Call Transfer Yes No
Third-Party App Integration Yes Yes
Built-In Calendar Yes No
Custom Calendar Link Yes NO
Appointment Reminders Yes No
Funnels & Website Hosting Yes No
Free Insurance Funnel Templates Yes No
Chat Widget Yes 



(Additional $75/monthly)

Twice-Daily Live Q&A Calls Yes No

(Unlimited Users)


(Per User)

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